Back From The Dead Episode 053 (11th August 2005)

This was actually one of my all time favourite BFTD episodes, when I look back. It’s when I also first tried to do the I Feel Loved vs Spiral transition which you may notice many times in the shows from now on!

This was because I’d actually been out at the weekend before – for that gig I mentioned at Home with John Askew, Activa, and Danjo & Styles. Basically I’d gone back to Chris’s flat for a mix afterwards, since I obviously had my tunes with me, and we’d had an absolutely awesome night 🙂 The I Feel Spiral mix was born at about 5am in Chris’s flat, with me in a state so drunken I neither remember the taxi ride there or the taxi ride back later on 😉 In fact, 4 years later, about the only thing I do remember of it was the I Feel Loved into Spiral mix!

One thing I’ll never tire of is that OMG moment I get in the headphones when I’m cueing up the next tune and I realise they’re perfectly in key and sound amazing together 🙂

The irony of it is though, I believe I actually did it wrongly this first time lol 😀

Back From The Dead Episode 053 (11th August 2005)

Digital Blues – Definition [Lange]
Andain – Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged mix) [Black Hole]
Jonas Steur – Silent Waves [Intuition]
Tom Porcell – Syncope [Somatic Sense Vision]
Above & Beyond – No-One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden remix) [ID&T]
Exertion – Partizan [Afterglow]
Thomas Datt – Alone [Discover]
White Water featuring Melinda Gareh – The Unknown (club mix) [Involved]
Push – The Legacy [Inferno]
Greg Murray – I Feel Loved [Platipus]
Robert Nickson – Spiral [ASOT]
Woody Van Eyden – Unfinished Symphony (Arc In The Sky remix) [Fenology]
Rank 1 – Symsonic [ID&T]
Push – Strange World (2000 remake) [Inferno]
Van Faber & D-Suza – Overload [Inspired]
Cosmic Culture – Oceans (Deep Blue Sea mix) [Asgard Germany]
Brisky – Celestial [Monster Tunes]
Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust.wav [United]
Aria – Dido (Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion remix) [Black Hole]

BFTD Episode 053

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