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Dancefloor Semaphore – The Rebirth Session Episode 053 (7th October 2005)

This demo was one of many firsts! It’s the first demo with a CD on it – the intro tune remixed by Jake, one of my longest-serving listeners 🙂

At this point I only had a Sony Discman as means to play CD’s, hence there was no pitch control and I could only mix out of them, not mix them in, which was why they could only go on first!

This was also the first demo I did that had a cover for the CD. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the cover (if I ever find one I’ll scan it in). I asked my Photoshop-skilled mate Pablo to do a cover for me, just on the basis that it was purple (I like purple) and it had the tracklist and title on etc. The title of the demo was tongue-in-cheek really, just a nice phrase I’d dreamt up to describe that hands-in-the-air moment you get in clubs 🙂

So what I’ve done instead is a new cover, like all the others, for consistency really, as this was the only one that had a cover done by someone else. Maybe one day the 20 copies of it with the original cover will be worth something, but I suspect not lol 😀

Dancefloor Semaphore - Front Cover

Dancefloor Semaphore - Front Cover

The Rebirth Session Episode 053 (7th October 2005) – “Dancefloor Semaphore”

Kosmas Epsilon – Innocent Thoughts (Jake Conlon remix) [CDR]
Tiesto featuring Aqualung – UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar mix) [Nebula]
Carrie Skipper – Time Goes By (Super8 Deep mix) [Anjunabeats]
Gareth Emery – Between Dreams [Five AM]
Tension featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Greg Murray remix) [White]
Kuffdam & Plant – Summer Dream (Stoneface & Terminal remix) [Monster Tunes]
Will Holland – Timeless [Empire State Recordings]
Sonicvibe – Nostalgia [Somatic Sense]
Kenneth Thomas & Mike Skye – Varekai (Alt+F4’s Blue Screen remix) [Alter Ego]
Stenna – Skyline [Flux Delux]
Brisky – Celestial [Monster Tunes]
Kenny Hayes – Ibiza Sky (Alex MORPH remix) [Somatic Sense]
Peaktwins – Dreamer [Electric Sauna]
Alex MORPH – New Harvest [Fenology]
Castaneda – Oceanborn [Discover Dark]
Ohm Boys – Down Under (2005 Remake) [Red Silver]
Photon Decay – Aura (Climax 69 remix) [Paradox]
Tom Porcell – Not Tonite [Skywarp]
Stoneface & Terminal – Summerscape [Electric Department]
Stoneface & Terminal – Sidewinder (Arc In The Sky version) [Electric Department]
D-Light & Bissen featuring Victoria Gross – Like I Do (John O’Callaghan remix) [Deepdive]
Pervading Call – No Time To Rest (X900 mix) [Parabolica]
Marco V – More Than A Life Away [In Charge]
John O’Callaghan – Stormy Clouds [Discover Dark]
Oceanlab – Sky Falls Down (Armin Van Buuren remix) [Anjunabeats]


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