Other Worlds Than These – The Rebirth Session Episode 063 (3rd February 2006)

For a long time, if anyone asked me what my best mix was, I said it was this one. It was the favourite of my demo mixes for a long while, mainly due to some devastating work by Alex MORPH, and despite the hideous transition early on. After all, regular listeners will be aware that I have a tradition of screwing up a mix about two or three tunes in, and then being fine from then on. It’s one of my delightful quirks that’s kept me wanting more for all these years 😀

Other Worlds Than These - Front Cover

Other Worlds Than These - Front Cover

The title for this one has origins that will be obvious to some and oblivious to everyone else. I’m a massive fan of the work of Stephen King, he’s one of my heroes and I consider him to be the finest living writer in the world today. I’m so pleased that finally over the past decade or more he’s begun to get the critical recognition he’s deserved all along.

But anyway, there’s a series of novels by Stephen King known as The Dark Tower Series – a collection of seven books he wrote over a 35 year period, that tie in with nearly all of his others. I’d known of the series throughout my time of loving his work, but had sworn to never begin the series until I knew it had been finished. News that this had been done and that book 7 had a publication date, I’d begun to read them all. “Go then, for there are other worlds than these” is a particular phrase that I loved from the first of these novels, “The Gunslinger”, that reverberates throughout the rest of the series.

The Rebirth Session Episode 063 (3rd February 2006) – “Other Worlds Than These”

E’Voke – The Arms Of Loren (Tranquill0’s Clear Water mix) [Inferno]
Luminary – Wasting [Soundpiercing]
Airbase – For The Fallen [Intuition]
Aqualon – Evolution 404 [Electric Sauna]
John O’Callaghan – Chameleon (Red mix) [Discover]
Aqualon – Sukellus (Diving) [Electric Sauna]
C-Quence – Endorphine (Arizona remix) [ASOT]
First State – First State [In Trance We Trust]
A M. – Arise (Mike Shiver & Ash F vocal mix) [Skywarp]
Sunny Lax – P.U.M.A. [Anjunabeats]
Luminary – Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger remix) [Anjunabeats]
Airbase – Escape [Intuition]
Carrie Skipper – Time Goes By (Super8 Bangin’ mix) [Anjunabeats]
Mystery Islands & Harmaala presents K: De – 4th Floor (Find Me) [Monster Tunes]
Alex MORPH presents Everest – Oree (Alex MORPH remix) [Monster Tunes]
Andy Moor – Halcyon (Alex MORPH remix) [Armind]
Matt Darey featuring Izzy – Eternity (Alex MORPH remix) [Darey Products]
Kenny Hayes – Daybreaker (Airbase Elektek remix) [Ligaya]
Hiver & Hammer – Fusion 2006 (Carl B remix) [Somatic Sense]
Steffan Cambridge – Blue Moon (Brisky remix) [Monster Tunes]
Musikman – The Day After Tomorrow [Metropolis]
Hiver & Hammer – Fusion 2006 (Sonicvibe remix) [Somatic Sense]
Pervading Call – On My Mind (Ace Da Brain mix) [Parabolica]
Westbam vs Red Jerry – Wizards Of The Sonic (Matt Darey remix) [Wonderboy]


This demo, apart from being my favourite of all my mixes for a long time afterwards, was also the end of an era. It was the last of my Friday Rebirth Sessions to be on DJ Source Radio. I’d decided to split my two shows between two stations, having had an offer to play on another station called Pure DJ by another member at the DJ Source forums. DJSR was on its’ way out by this time, unfortunately, Carl couldn’t manage to keep it going for much longer, and wanted someone else to take over and rebrand it, which is what eventually happened further down the line.

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