From The Ashes – The Rebirth Session Episode 120 (6th July 2007)

Having loved my previous demo so much, following it up was always going to be tricky. I’d had the same issue just over a year earlier, when my delight at Other Worlds Than These had left me indifferent to Across New Horizons afterwards.

That said, having recently lost Gatecrasher which was like losing an old friend, there was a sense of wanting to do the place justice, and it made the choice of title for the demo very easy. And on the whole I do like it and how it turned out, but for one small problem that even I didn’t notice straight away.

From The Ashes - Front Cover

From The Ashes - Front Cover

*As it turns out, this tracklist is only the intention, and not the reality. Because instead of playing Static Blue – Aerial I actually played Lokhen – Northern Winds (Sequentia remix). Which I then duly played again when I intended to shortly afterwards. A schoolboy error that depresses me to this day, but which I leave untouched nonetheless 😉

The Rebirth Session Episode 120 (6th July 2007) – “From The Ashes”

Philophobia – Forever Calling
Daniel Bralli – Unforgettable [Bralli]
Majai – Lightwave (Kenneth Thomas remix)
Sipping Soma – Superconscious (James Alexander remix)
Amex vs Saint Rush – Distant Worlds [Camouflage]
Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure (Haris C’s Adventurous Bootleg – XiJaro vs Med Rework)
Basic Perspective – Chroma (Adymus remix) [Neuroscience]
Ryan – Symphonious (Kamil Polner remix) [Amon Vision]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On
N20 – Territory (Kamil Polner remix) [Profuse]
Optik – Object (Terrafusion remix)
Lost Witness vs Sassot – Whatever (Aly & Fila remix) [ASOT]
Cellec – Love Of My Life (Polner & Sender vocal mix) [Cellection Music]
Static Blue – Aerial [Elevation]*
Volition – Evolver 2007 (Selu Vibra remix) [Somatic Sense]
Factoria – Revive (Static Blue remix) [Breathe]
Lokhen – Northern Winds (Sequentia remix) [Six Thirty]
Alfa – Sacrosanct (Terrafusion remix)
Oneslikers – Aeroshock
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me (Med Rework)
Johan Kivi – Clouds (Blizzr & Storm remix) [Inspired]
Nem – Tornado Of Souls [Supero]
Oxid Project – Before You Go (Likuida remix) [Daif]
Joakaim Daif & Likuida present Aerodive – Summerdive (Se.Ra.Phic remix) [Daif]
Artix vs Glacial Storm – The Answer (Astea Black mix) [Royal Tek]

Lazarus – From The Ashes

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In my defence, I maintain that the mistake was easy to make, as I can demonstrate:

This CD is a constant reminder of my fallability

This CD is a constant reminder of my fallability

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