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The Rebirth Session Episode 126 (24th August 2007)

I’d had a very bad day this day, and as a result I made things worse with a schoolboy error very early on in the set. Regular listeners will recognise my loveable habit of messing up one of the first 3 or 4 mixes of every set. I look at this habit of mine in the same way as Frasier did in one memorable episode when he said “The only thing better than a perfect meal is a perfect meal with one tiny flaw that you can pick at all night.”

Playing the same tune twice, on two occasions, within 6 episodes of each other, however, is quite shameful 😀 But as I said with From The Ashes, it’s the kind of thing that helps to keep me humble 🙂

The Rebirth Session Episode 126 (24th August 2007)

Arksun – Arisen (Magdelayna’s ambient remake)
Vico Jaeae – Where Time Stands Still
Uriel – White Weed [Unleashed]
Acute vs Aimar – Still Waters (Danilo Ercole progressive mix) [Noys]
Uriel – White Weed [Unleashed]
Solarsun – Overjoyed (Store & Forward remix) [Afterglow]
Hawk featuring Sasja – Emerald Mine (Deepwide remix) [Real Deep]
Hi-Jackers Space – I Can Feel (Aurosonic remix) [Well Mixed]
Pulsar – In Sight (Karl G remix) [Total Digital]
INXS – Afterglow (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla remix)
ATP – Driftations [Amon Vision]
Activa vs Tom Colontonio – Enlighten [Conspiracy]
Daniel Kandi – I Found The Way [Anjunabeats]
Deems – Tears Of Hope (Aly & Fila remix) [Flux Delux]
Static Blue – Aerial [Elevation]
Thomas de Colita – Epileptica (Tom Colontonio remix) [Full Cycle]
Steven Force – Tears And Dust [Emotive Vibes]
Ground Control – Then And Now (Jurrande & Sly One remix) [Emalodic]
Mike Nichol – Durado [Infrasonic]
Terk Dawn – Barent Blue [Well Mixed]
Neal Scarborough – Stung On A River (Sean Tyas remix) [Discover]
Nu Nrg – Take Your Air (Med’s extended edit)
Technikal – Terminal Velocity [Nukleuz]
Amex vs Saint Rush – Distant Worlds (Tragida Searching For New Worlds mix) [Camouflage]
Tetrazone – Open Range [Ampire Digital]
The Killers – Mr Brightside (Jacques lu Cont’s Thin White Duke mix) [Island]

RS Episode 126


The Rebirth Session Episode 125 (17th August 2007)

The Rebirth Session Episode 125 (17th August 2007)

Mike Koglin – The Silence (Tekara remix) [Multiply]
Sun Control Species – Only Human (A Day In Forever) [Iboga]
Nick Thompson – Spice Fire [Armada]
Lustral – A Quiet Revolution (Michael Badal remix) [Baroque]
Alex Losy – Neverending Sunset (Magdelayna remix)
Oceanlab – Satellite (Markus Schulz Coldharbour mix) [NuLife]
Shifted Reality – Love Affair (Mat Zo remix) [Active]
Memoir – What Could Have Been [Digitised Recordings]
Smith & Pledger vs Matt Hardwick – Connected [Anjunabeats]
Darren Williams – Cryptexture [Conspiracy]
ATP – Driftations (Lucas B vs Kamil Polner mix) [Amon Vision]
Transparent Vision – Hurt (vocal mix)
Eddie Sender – Internal Desire [Wildchild Digital]
Roman Sokolovsky – Nostalgia
3rd Moon – RNA [Profuse]
Digitalis – So Far Away
Eddie Sender – Polner and Sender [Wildchild Digital]
Sophie Sugar – Day Seven {ASOT]
Darren Williams – After Touch (Ian Betts remix) [Conspiracy]
Eddie Sender – Elementate [Total Digital]
Darius – Eklipse (Sjlver DJ featuring Tragida remix)
Z.K.T. – Andromede (Zor & Key mix) [Proxoz]
Denga & Manus – Firefly (Déjà vu remix) [Asgard]
Terk Dawn – Barent Blue [Well Mixed]
Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Shine [ID&T]
Nev – Battery Man [Defcon One]

RS Episode 125


The Rebirth Session Episode 124 (10th August 2007)

The Rebirth Session Episode 124 (10th August 2007)

CMED – In You
NDS – Reflections (Blufeld progressive mix) [Ocean Drive]
Invisible Sounds – Motion [Emotive Vibes]
Matt Samuels – French Air [Innovate]
Taleamus – In Your Ice (Tuomas J deep mix)
Lustral – A Quiet Revolution (Michael Badal remix) [Baroque]
Zirenz – Edge Of Space (Whiteroom remix) [Mondo]
Super8 & Tab – Suru [Anjunabeats]
Aerium vs Tiesto & Jes – Dolphins vs Everything (XiJaro mash-up)
Krivi & Aerium – Forever Playing (Magdelayna remix) [RealMusic]
Syna – Do You Feel? [Finity Digital]
Acute – Citadel [Infra Progressive]
Purple Mood – One Night In Tokyo (Above & Beyond remix) [Anjunabeats[
Cordis – Sirene
Magdelayna – Navagio [Digitized Recordings]
Uprush vs Bob Wilcoxx – Take Off Theme [Bitter Sweet]
Mike Nichol – Morning Kiss [Infrasonic]
ATP – Driftations (Static Blue remix) [Amon Vision]
Paul Miller – O.T. (Trance mix) [RealMusic]
Mike Niichol – Durado [Infrasonic]
Z.K.T. – Andromede (Zor & Key mix) [Proxoz]
Tragida – Elizabeth [Daif]
Tetrazone – Open Range [Ampire Digital]
Med – In You [Abora Recordings]
Artix vs Glacial Storm – The Answer (Astea Black mix) [Royal Tek]

RS Episode 124


Back From The Dead Episode 090 (6th August 2007)

Back From The Dead Episode 090 (6th August 2007)

Swandive – Exit 101 [Stereo Deluxe]
Jason Bralli – Unforgettable [Bralli]
Solarsun – Overjoyed (Store & Forward remix) [Afterglow]
Zirenz – Edge Of Space (Whiteroom remix) [Mondo]
Super8 & Tab – Suru [Anjunabeats]
Aerium vs Tiesto & Jes – Dolphins vs Everything {XiJaro mashup)
Amex – Back In The Sun (Saint Rush remix) [Emotive Sounds]
Lange – I Believe (Alphadelta remix)
Koris & Djule – Green Spirit (Static Blue Revised mix) [Unleashed]
Cellec – Love Of My Life (Polner & Sender vocal mix) [KYR]
Ian Holing – Blue Wave
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me (Med Rework)
Sunblind – Believe (Arc In The Sky vocal version) [Monster Tunes]
Oneslikers – Aeroshock [Aurora Digital]
Nem – Tornado Of Souls [Supero]
Future Disciple – Snow Dogs
Anders Lauristen – After The Sunset (Likuida remix) [Daif]
Tragida – Dream Eyes [Daif]
Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures [Mondo]

BFTD Episode 090

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