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The Rebirth Session Episode 156 (25th July 2008)

The Rebirth Session Episode 156 (25th July 2008)

Magdelayna & RMG – Back To The Stars (chilldown mix) [Greenspot Music]
Andy Duguid featuring Leah vs Gui Boratto – Wasted Life (Config intro mashup)
Gabriel Batz & Nick Pilon vs Mark Norman & Jes – One Moments Moon Circling (Rob G Digital mashup)
Markus Schulz vs Cressida – Perfect At 6am (JACS mashup)
Evasive – Pacific Angel (Invisible Sounds remix) [Digitized Recordings]
Reminder featuring MQue – Eye To Eye (vocal mix) [MPFS]
Clear View featuring Jessica vs Super8 & Tab – Tell Me Suru (Victoria’s mashup)
Mike Shiver & Elevation vs Nick Thompson – Hurricane Spice (Lazarus BFTD100 mashup)
Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia – Invisible [Armind]
Edin Bosnjak – Alluring Wishes [Five AM]
The Ethyleen Project – Orca [Backlash Muzik]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Phil Metcalfe remix) [Defcon One]
Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes – Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus vs XiJaro BFTD100 mash-up)
Carl B – Life Can Wait [In Trance We Trust]
Eddie Sender – Afterbirth (Ronny K remix) [Andromeda]
Antheya – High (Paul Miller vs Dima Krasnik dub mix) [Asgard Germany]
Shadowrider vs A&F Project – Blue Uraeus (Vexilium mashup)
Carl van Ersten – Broken Heart (TrancEye remix)
Estigma vs Angel Ace – The Fallen (Eddie Sender remix) [Only One]
TrancEye – Mellomania (Nev remix) [Defcon One]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon One]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industry Insomnia (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Albert Keyn – Save One Love (Paul Miller presents Contraption remix) [Drizzly]
Simon Bostock – Vertical (A&B Project remix) [DJSA]
Mark Eteson and Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila remix) [Nu-Depth]
Ace’s Delight – Sunrise [Venom]

RS Episode 156


Live at The Priory 12th July 2008

With the exception of the Digital Society gigs, this is probably my favourite gig of all time, partly for the gig itself but mainly for the day as a whole 🙂

My good friends Cath and Paul were due to be married on the Saturday morning of the 12th, and on the Friday night before, I’d had a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise from a guy called Tom, who said he was ringing to “make sure I was still OK for tomorrow night”.

The fact that he’d referred to me by my stage name meant that I knew that this was DJing-related, which was very handy otherwise I might have been quite disturbed by Tom’s random request from out of the blue! However, it transpired that my mate Ash, local legend from the days of Home, had neglected to mention that I was to be DJing that Saturday night, playing midnight till one, warming up for the Tidy Boys.

So I made a snap decision to forgo the rudimentary alcoholic merriment that coincides with weddings, so that I could duck out of the evening do at about ten so I could go home and get ready and make it to the gig in time!

The wedding and the whole day was fabulous (although being a Catholic wedding the church part was quite exhausting, all that kneeling and standing…) and I remained dutifully sober throughout the meal and the evening do all day. Then, after getting ready I picked up a couple more guests from the wedding and went to the gig, arriving about half an hour before I was due on, jumping the queue and feeling like some kind of superstar 😀

The club was rammed and loud and my mate Ryan was doing the warm up set, looking rather alarmed at the crowd screaming “Harder!” at him constantly (something which, in fairness, continued all night!) The prospect of playing a harder set was very appealing to me as there’s a certain side to the music I love that a lot of the time I daren’t mix in with the trance, but which had an outlet here. Doncaster’s historically been a hardcore/hard house town as the trance-heads always just headed 15 miles down the road to Gatecrasher and you couldn’t compete with that really.

Anyway, the crowd were well up for it and mental, although since I was driving I had to stay sober for the gig too, despite the offer of free beer! (Wounded!) Then afterwards I had to leave again because I was shattered from the long day! However it turned out to be the first of many further sets at The Priory, but I don’t think I enjoyed any of them quite as much as this 😀

Lazarus Live at The Priory 12th July 2008

Miikka Leinonen presents Lush – Illusion (Eddie Sender remix) [Inspired]
Oneslikers – Aeroshock [Aurora Digital]
Nem – Tornado Of Souls [Supero]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon Dark]
Nailbomb – Just Begun [Sabretooth]
John BW – Cutting Shapes [Tidy]
Future Disciple – Snow Dogs
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industrial Insomnia (Lazarus mashup)
DJ Kim – Jetlag (Alphazone remix) [Nukleuz]

Lazarus – Live At The Priory 12-07-2008

The last two are my favourites of the videos, although I’m biased of course, but I do apologise for the horrendous sound quality, fault of the camera! Thankfully the camera used for these videos has moved on to the great electronics scrapyard in the sky so all future videos will be much better 🙂

One of my favourite parts of it though was being able to send the videos off to Nev, Future Disciple, and Tuomas afterwards, so they could see their work in action 🙂 If you ever see me videoing in a club whilst I’m DJing again, chances are that’s what I’m doing 😉


4 Hour Special – Back From The Dead Episode 100 (7th July 2008)

Without any doubt, this is the episode of BFTD of which I’m most proud 🙂 The fact that I made it to 100 episodes at all is a testament to Stella and her kind persuasive powers 🙂

Flyer by Pablo once again! :)

It was actually quite agonising to plan this episode, so many tunes I wanted to play in the four hours that I had available, and so I gave myself the soul-destroying rule of playing a maximum of three tunes by any one producer.

The three mashups I made were the result of one afternoon’s work, pre-empted by years of preparation you could say! At house parties and during my shows, every time down the years, more or less, that I’d ever played Green Martian – Industry, I found myself reciting the words to Faithless – Insomnia over the top. In comparison, my toying with the other two had been the results of fortunate cueing-up of the tracks and realising they were meant to go together!

If any mix was a prequel to the Spirit Of Sacrifice mix, this was it. I reworked all three mashups for that mix and planned it in pretty much the same way – starting off with a massive pile of tunes and discarding one by one until I had the set. For those interested it worked out as 24 vinyl and 15 CDs, meaning this was in fact a 4-deck mix.

The forum thread was so much fun as well, a great way to spend the evening! 😀 This is the full version of the show though, that wasn’t broadcast, as it over-ran my four hours slightly too much! So I edited out over seven minutes for the version that eventually went on air, and ironically the broadcast actually started seven minutes early so I needn’t have bothered after all!

4 Hour Special – Back From The Dead Episode 100 (7th July 2008)

Leama vs Madonna – Frozen Waterdrop (MDB’s Forgotten vocals ambient mix)
Schiller – Ruhe (Humate remix) [Data]
Fleeticer – Seven Seas
Solarstone & Jes – Like A Waterfall (club mix) [Magik Musik]
Mike Shiver & Elevation vs Nick Thompson – Hurricane Spice (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Exertion – Partizan [Afterglow]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (full version) [Defcon One]
Solarstone featuring Elizabeth Fields – Speak In Sympathy (Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun remix) [Afterglow]
Luminary – Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab vs Smith & Pledger remix – Luke Blanc mash-up)
Peaktwins – Dreamer [Electric Sauna]
Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes – Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus vs XiJaro BFTD100 mash-up)
Robert Nickson – Spiral [ASOT]
Will Holland – Timeless (Deepwide remix) [Enhanced]
Avanto – The Flute (Airbase remix) [Electric Sauna]
Ocean Lab – Satellite (Above & Beyond remix) [NuLife]
Andy Blueman – Nyctolopia (club mix) [Perceptive]
Kenny Hayes – Ibiza Sky (Alex MORPH remix) [Somatic Sense]
Med vs Neil Bamford – One [Abora Recordings]
Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme (Ultra Trance mix) [Venom]
Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’ (Alex MORPH remix) [Anjunabeats]
Dima Krasnik – Rise [Daif]
Unknown Source – Cruentus [Afterglow]
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me (Med Rework)
Alex MORPH presents Everest – Oree (Alex MORPH remix) [Monster Tunes]
Electrovoya – Whispers (Factoria remix) [Fundamental]
Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt remix) [In Trance We Trust]
Gate 42 – Flow (John O’Callaghan remix) [Discover]
Med – In You [Abora Recordings]
The Gift – The Seventh Day (main mix) [ID&T]
Art of Trance vs Pob – Turkish Bizarre (DBA remix) [Platipus]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon One]
Randy Katana – In Silence (Txitxarro mix) [Cookies & Cream]
Darren Tate – Prayer For A God [Mondo]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industry Insomnia (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Ace da Brain – Trinity (Hard mix) [Venom]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon One]
Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures [Mondo]
Pervading Call Two – On My Mind (Ace da Brain mix) [Parabolica]
Darren Tate – Fall From Grace [Mondo]

BFTD Episode 100
Mirror link


The Rebirth Session Episode 155 (4th July 2008)

The Rebirth Session Episode 155 (4th July 2008)

Masters & Nickson featuring Justine Suissa – Out There (5th Dimension) (Christian Rusch’s Chillout Mix) [Soundpiercing]
Jay Lumen – Calypso [Anjunadeep]
Mind X – Sensation Seekers (Martin Roth’s Nu-Style remix) [Sirup]
7-Air – Big City [Ocean Drive]
Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett – Off The World (Super8 & Tab remix) [Vandit]
Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia – Invisible [Armind]
El Cortez – Desert Rose (club mix) [Intuition]
Type – Against The Waves [Real Legacy]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Magdelayna remix) [Defcon One]
Adam Sheridan – Ocaso [Vandit]
Alive Stone – Light Trip [Abora Recordings]
Will B – Upgrade (Temple One remix) [Perceptive]
Carl B – 6am [Daif]
Mike Emery – Falling Into The Sun (Anguilla Project remix) [Conspiracy]
Sundriver – Feel (Nitrous Oxide remix) [Red Force]
Above & Beyond – Volume One (7-Skies & Static Blue remix) [Anjunabeats]
Dreas – Signs (Akesson remix) [Red Force]
A/B Project – Another Time (Icone remix) [Mondo]
Eddie Sender – Afterbirth (Ronny K remix) [Andromeda]
AJ Hutch vs Jonas Hornblad – Small World [Nu-Depth]
Emotional Horizons – Lush (Flawless Falling) (Paul Miller remix) [Infrasonic]
Keenan & Anderson featuring Tiff Lacey – Runaway (Mike Nichol vocal mix) [Navigation]
Activa – Remember (Club mix) [Vandit]
Paul Miller – Galaxy [Offshore]
TrancEye – Mellomania (Nev remix) [Defcon One]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon One]
Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla featuring Dan Filippo – Alive (The Heatbeat mix) [Flashover]

RS Episode 155

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