4 Hour Special – Back From The Dead Episode 100 (7th July 2008)

Without any doubt, this is the episode of BFTD of which I’m most proud 🙂 The fact that I made it to 100 episodes at all is a testament to Stella and her kind persuasive powers 🙂

Flyer by Pablo once again! :)

It was actually quite agonising to plan this episode, so many tunes I wanted to play in the four hours that I had available, and so I gave myself the soul-destroying rule of playing a maximum of three tunes by any one producer.

The three mashups I made were the result of one afternoon’s work, pre-empted by years of preparation you could say! At house parties and during my shows, every time down the years, more or less, that I’d ever played Green Martian – Industry, I found myself reciting the words to Faithless – Insomnia over the top. In comparison, my toying with the other two had been the results of fortunate cueing-up of the tracks and realising they were meant to go together!

If any mix was a prequel to the Spirit Of Sacrifice mix, this was it. I reworked all three mashups for that mix and planned it in pretty much the same way – starting off with a massive pile of tunes and discarding one by one until I had the set. For those interested it worked out as 24 vinyl and 15 CDs, meaning this was in fact a 4-deck mix.

The forum thread was so much fun as well, a great way to spend the evening! 😀 This is the full version of the show though, that wasn’t broadcast, as it over-ran my four hours slightly too much! So I edited out over seven minutes for the version that eventually went on air, and ironically the broadcast actually started seven minutes early so I needn’t have bothered after all!

4 Hour Special – Back From The Dead Episode 100 (7th July 2008)

Leama vs Madonna – Frozen Waterdrop (MDB’s Forgotten vocals ambient mix)
Schiller – Ruhe (Humate remix) [Data]
Fleeticer – Seven Seas
Solarstone & Jes – Like A Waterfall (club mix) [Magik Musik]
Mike Shiver & Elevation vs Nick Thompson – Hurricane Spice (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Exertion – Partizan [Afterglow]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (full version) [Defcon One]
Solarstone featuring Elizabeth Fields – Speak In Sympathy (Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun remix) [Afterglow]
Luminary – Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab vs Smith & Pledger remix – Luke Blanc mash-up)
Peaktwins – Dreamer [Electric Sauna]
Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes – Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus vs XiJaro BFTD100 mash-up)
Robert Nickson – Spiral [ASOT]
Will Holland – Timeless (Deepwide remix) [Enhanced]
Avanto – The Flute (Airbase remix) [Electric Sauna]
Ocean Lab – Satellite (Above & Beyond remix) [NuLife]
Andy Blueman – Nyctolopia (club mix) [Perceptive]
Kenny Hayes – Ibiza Sky (Alex MORPH remix) [Somatic Sense]
Med vs Neil Bamford – One [Abora Recordings]
Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme (Ultra Trance mix) [Venom]
Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’ (Alex MORPH remix) [Anjunabeats]
Dima Krasnik – Rise [Daif]
Unknown Source – Cruentus [Afterglow]
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me (Med Rework)
Alex MORPH presents Everest – Oree (Alex MORPH remix) [Monster Tunes]
Electrovoya – Whispers (Factoria remix) [Fundamental]
Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt remix) [In Trance We Trust]
Gate 42 – Flow (John O’Callaghan remix) [Discover]
Med – In You [Abora Recordings]
The Gift – The Seventh Day (main mix) [ID&T]
Art of Trance vs Pob – Turkish Bizarre (DBA remix) [Platipus]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon One]
Randy Katana – In Silence (Txitxarro mix) [Cookies & Cream]
Darren Tate – Prayer For A God [Mondo]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industry Insomnia (Lazarus BFTD100 mash-up)
Ace da Brain – Trinity (Hard mix) [Venom]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon One]
Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures [Mondo]
Pervading Call Two – On My Mind (Ace da Brain mix) [Parabolica]
Darren Tate – Fall From Grace [Mondo]

BFTD Episode 100
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