Live at The Priory 12th July 2008

With the exception of the Digital Society gigs, this is probably my favourite gig of all time, partly for the gig itself but mainly for the day as a whole 🙂

My good friends Cath and Paul were due to be married on the Saturday morning of the 12th, and on the Friday night before, I’d had a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise from a guy called Tom, who said he was ringing to “make sure I was still OK for tomorrow night”.

The fact that he’d referred to me by my stage name meant that I knew that this was DJing-related, which was very handy otherwise I might have been quite disturbed by Tom’s random request from out of the blue! However, it transpired that my mate Ash, local legend from the days of Home, had neglected to mention that I was to be DJing that Saturday night, playing midnight till one, warming up for the Tidy Boys.

So I made a snap decision to forgo the rudimentary alcoholic merriment that coincides with weddings, so that I could duck out of the evening do at about ten so I could go home and get ready and make it to the gig in time!

The wedding and the whole day was fabulous (although being a Catholic wedding the church part was quite exhausting, all that kneeling and standing…) and I remained dutifully sober throughout the meal and the evening do all day. Then, after getting ready I picked up a couple more guests from the wedding and went to the gig, arriving about half an hour before I was due on, jumping the queue and feeling like some kind of superstar 😀

The club was rammed and loud and my mate Ryan was doing the warm up set, looking rather alarmed at the crowd screaming “Harder!” at him constantly (something which, in fairness, continued all night!) The prospect of playing a harder set was very appealing to me as there’s a certain side to the music I love that a lot of the time I daren’t mix in with the trance, but which had an outlet here. Doncaster’s historically been a hardcore/hard house town as the trance-heads always just headed 15 miles down the road to Gatecrasher and you couldn’t compete with that really.

Anyway, the crowd were well up for it and mental, although since I was driving I had to stay sober for the gig too, despite the offer of free beer! (Wounded!) Then afterwards I had to leave again because I was shattered from the long day! However it turned out to be the first of many further sets at The Priory, but I don’t think I enjoyed any of them quite as much as this 😀

Lazarus Live at The Priory 12th July 2008

Miikka Leinonen presents Lush – Illusion (Eddie Sender remix) [Inspired]
Oneslikers – Aeroshock [Aurora Digital]
Nem – Tornado Of Souls [Supero]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon Dark]
Nailbomb – Just Begun [Sabretooth]
John BW – Cutting Shapes [Tidy]
Future Disciple – Snow Dogs
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industrial Insomnia (Lazarus mashup)
DJ Kim – Jetlag (Alphazone remix) [Nukleuz]

Lazarus – Live At The Priory 12-07-2008

The last two are my favourites of the videos, although I’m biased of course, but I do apologise for the horrendous sound quality, fault of the camera! Thankfully the camera used for these videos has moved on to the great electronics scrapyard in the sky so all future videos will be much better 🙂

One of my favourite parts of it though was being able to send the videos off to Nev, Future Disciple, and Tuomas afterwards, so they could see their work in action 🙂 If you ever see me videoing in a club whilst I’m DJing again, chances are that’s what I’m doing 😉

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