Emotional Edition Part I – Back From The Dead Episode 107 (2nd March 2009)

This was a show borne of the credit crunch really – I’d thrown my back out and had been having a lot of chiropractic treatment and acupuncture, which had left me more skint than usual, and so my ritual monthly shop had been postponed. However, unsure of what to do, I had the ipod on whilst mowing the lawn on the Saturday before the show on Monday night, and Ronny K’s EOYC 2008 set came on.

I was reminded of a comment from the Afterhours forums about the Uplifting Day specials that they’d done and how we needed to do another. So I took two and two and made five, deciding to do my own uplifting/emotional trance special and, as I always think of it to myself, get value for money from all my tunes!

Back From The Dead Episode 107 (2nd March 2009) – Emotional Edition Part I

CMED – In You
Schiller – Das Glockenspiel (Humate remix) [Data]
Ryan – Symphonious (Kamil Polner remix) [Amon Vision]
Lennox – Servant Of Justice [Mondo]
Mungo – Under The Sea [ASOT]
Santoz – Lost Segment [Tsushima]
Ilya Soloviev – Sunwaves (Static Blue remix) [Timeline Russia]
Med vs Neil Bamford – One (Lazarus remix)
Andy Blueman – Everlasting (Emotional mix) [Perceptive]
Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme (Ultra Trance mix) [Venom]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Med remix) [Defcon]
Ronny K presents Advanced – Myrah (2k8 mix) [Motiv8]
Andy Blueman – Sea Tides [Perceptive]
Tragida – Dream Eyes [Daif]
Anders Lauristen – After The Sunset (Likuida remix) [Daif]
Nolita – Coldest Heaven (extended mix) [7th Sense]
Pervading Call Two – On My Mind (Ace da Brain mix) [Parabolica]
Oceania – Never Forget (Arctic Moon remix) [Well Mixed]
Med – In You [Abora Recordings]

BFTD Episode 107 – Emotional Edition Part I

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