Emotional Edition Part II – Back From The Dead Episode 108 (6th April 2009)

After the stunning sucess of the first Emotional Edition, during the forum thread for the show I’d agreed to follow it up the next month with another special – originally I’d only ever planned to do the first one, and that hadn’t been exactly planned as I only got the idea for it about two days before the broadcast itself!

But if I’m nothing else I’m a man of my word, and so I duly followed up the next month with a second, more planned, Emotional Edition, that also over-ran my time limit by way more than I can get away with! So I reluctantly edited out the gorgeous intro track from the broadcast version and so you’ll never actually hear this full and complete version of the show on AH.

Back From The Dead Episode 108 (6th April 2009) – Emotional Edition Part II

Armin van Buuren featuring Justine Suissa – Never Wanted This [Armind]
Lustral – Because Of You (Magdelayna ‘Everlasting’ vocal mix)
Amex – Back In The Sun (Saint Rush remix) [Emotive Sounds]
Tragida – My Pinky Lady [Daif]
Likuida – Love (St Rush remix) [Emotive Sounds]
Fire & Ice – Souvenir De Chine [Bonzai]
Ian Holing – Blue Wave
Solar Stone – 7 Cities (Armin van Buuren remix) [Lost Language]
Airbase – Lucid (Ronny K Emotion remix)
Andy Blueman – Neverland [Perceptive]
Matti Kotala – Aedena (Luke Terry remix)
Unknown Source – Cruentus [Afterglow]
Rapha – Pandora (Daniel Kandi Emotional mix) [Sensate]
Derek Recay – Cry To The Sky [Proxoz]
Andy Blueman – Nyctolopia (club mix) [Perceptive]
Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt remix) [In Trance We Trust]
Electrovoya – Whispers (Factoria remix) [Fundamental]
Pervading Call Two – No Time To Rest (Ace da Brain remix) [Parabolica]
Ace da Brain – Trinity (Hard mix) [Venom]
Darren Tate – Fall From Grace [Mondo]

BFTD Episode 108 – Emotional Edition Part II

Suffice to say, I’d only planned to do this second show as a special as well, but I was duly once again encouraged to make it a trilogy 🙂 In the end I’m glad I did as well, because I probably enjoyed part III the most!

That said, the vote for this show in the forums is without a doubt my proudest performance on AH, 51 from 51 is just insane and I owe every one of you a beer 🙂

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