Greetings And Salutations

I don’t have a website. I had one once but I had neither the skills nor the means to keep it updated, and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. Being married now I can’t offer sexual favours to anyone to do one for me either.

Enter the joys of WordPress, when it suddenly struck me that I could post tracklists and download links to all my shows and sets here, without the need for an actual domain, website, or afore-mentioned skills!

It also gives me an excellent opportunity to occasionally spout my nonsense into the bottomless pit that is the blogosphere. Maybe people will even read it, perhaps it will even change their lives and perspectives on things, but I doubt it. In fact I’m sure it’ll only just demonstrate to people who might not otherwise be aware just exactly how strange I really am.

So my random ramblings will likely be occasional rather than regular. This site is all about my love affair with trance.

My love affair with electronic music in general has been long-winded to say the least, and I won’t bore you all from my first post by reciting 20 years of influences. But suffice to say that once I found my way to trance I never left it, and so more than half a lifetime later I’m still here, still obsessed, and (finally) no longer just some weirdo who makes people suspicious because he likes “computer music” instead of “real instruments”. Thankfully there is now an entire planet full of weirdos just like me.

I was taught to mix in 1999 by a guy called Andy Woodward, whom I lived with at the time, during that crazy summer that shall, for me, be forever Gatecrasher.

It will always be with me

It will always be with me

I’d pre-empted my purchase of a CD player many years earlier by starting my CD collection before I had one, so that when I finally got around to it, I had CDs to actually play. Similarly, I began to collect my own vinyl before eventually acquiring my own decks and mixer in 2003.

I’d make demo mixes onto an old tape-cassette recording deck. It was quite amusing in that my first decks used to play records slightly fast, and similarly, the tape deck would record things slightly fast – so my first few demos generally headed around the mid to high 140bpms. I was the guy who kept the 120 minute cassette tape industry going for a while until I eventually harnessed the power of the PC.

In early 2004 I managed to blag my first gig at a night called Energy at Club Zero, alongside the now relatively famous name of Kane Nelson, who was claiming his second gig that night. I’d always sworn that playing in a club was something I always wanted to do once, but admittedly, that night had a profound effect on me in the sense that it made me hunger for more.

A few weeks after the gig I spotted a post advertising for DJs as part of an online-radio station called DJ Source Radio, part of the now defunct but legendary DJ Source forums. As the station was in its infancy, as was the general state of internet-radio at the time, I was able to get myself two weekly slots on the schedule.

When asked what I wanted to call the two shows, I had no idea, and hadn’t given it any thought at all. But as I DJ under the name Lazarus (a story I’ll get to another time) and I’d drunk a couple of vodkas at the time I received the email, I was able to brainstorm the two show names in a couple of minutes. Just as well I didn’t get three shows as I only came up with two suggestions.

The shows were called The Rebirth Session and Back From The Dead, and for nearly five years now, I’ve been doing both shows periodically on various stations, since DJSR took its’ final bow.

In the early days it was all about fun and playing for a handful of people (sometimes 1 or 2, occasionally over 30) but with club gigs so hard to get it was the next best thing, and certainly preferable to playing records to a wall.

I guess this site is the story of everything since then really! Enjoy 🙂

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