Let It All Go – The Rebirth Session Episode 169 (10th June 2009)

This demo seemed like forever in coming around, and with my Digital Society gig coming up on the Friday night I was decidedly apprehensive about starting work at 7am, coming home to record the mix on Pure, and then split the file and burn the CDs in time to leave for the gig itself and hand them out!

So instead I recorded the mix on Wednesday, so I’d have time to do all the dirty work and grab an hour or two in bed before my late night (which I never managed in the end anyway, thanks to nerves!) – and the ultimate irony was that even though I broadcast the mix on Pure on the Friday, the broadcast server was down, so it remains unbroadcast to this day, apart from it’s syndication broadcasts on 1mix and LiquidFM!

That said, I do quite like it, especially for the fact that Everyday finally made it into a demo after all this time, as with the rather tasty ID which I will identify one day 😉

Let It All Go - Front Cover

Let It All Go - Front Cover

The name for this demo was pre-meditated though not particularly motivated by anything specific.

The Rebirth Session Episode 169 (10th June 2009) – “Let It All Go”

Magdelayna – Tabatha’s Wish
Sunquest featuring Josie – A Little Bit Special (Sundriver remix) [Infrasonic]
Underwater – Creamy Marshmallow [Crystal Source]
Airbase featuring Floria Ambra – Interfere (vocal mix) [Intution]
Sasha Virus featuring Dilara – 2Gether We Are (Sindre Eide remix) [Enhanced]
Jason van Wyk and Vast Vision featuring Joanna – Oceanblue (intro mix) [Alter Ego]
Avenger – Pegasus (Sunny Lax remix) [Red Force]
Beat Service vs Solex – Nothing Less (original intro mix) [Real Music]
John O’Callaghan featuring Jaren vs Elevation & Einar K – Surreal Biscayne (Dewesh mashup)
Cesar Lugo – Closer To You [Monster]
Agnelli & Nelson – Everyday 2009 (James Alexander and the Defcon Allstars edition)
Roger Shah presents Savannah – Body Lotion (Jorn van Deynhoven remix) [Magic Island]
Adyjay – Love On The Beach (Hoyaa remix) [Pro-Motion]
Seventh Heaven – Dolphins (Stoneface & Terminal remix) [Red Force]
Ingscha – Niavara (Manuel le Saux remix) [Morrison]
Discodyne – Deep Impact (Ferrin & Low remix) [Fenology]
Steve Bengaln & John Vanger – Poizone (Sky Motion remix) [Colorful]
Ice Upon Fire – The Next Level (Oen Bearen Teardrop remix) [Actuate]
Jamala – Eris (Airborne Angel remix) [Lavare]
Avernus – Tears Of A Saint (Arctic Moon remix) [Diverted]
Olli Letkiss & Hyydro – Paris 50 (Kaltflut’s Reflected Vibes remix) [Elliptical]
Tiddey – Taylla (Paul Miller remix) [Discover]
SQ – Techno Sex (Future Disciple remix) [Dataless]
Nolita – Lonesome Road (extended version) [7th Sense]
Dima Krasnik – Rise (Space Garden ‘All The Way’ edit)
Andy Blueman – Neverland (Energetic mix) [Perceptive]
Ace’s Delight – Sunrise [Venom]

Lazarus – Let It All Go

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