In The End – The Rebirth Session Episode 198 (13th February 2011)

First demo mix of the new year! Bit late getting this one online for various reasons, apologies for that. Hopefully it’ll be another year as prolific as last though, fingers crossed! 🙂

It’s not as proggy as some of my other recent demos, that’s not intentional, it’s just the way it goes. When I do these demos I basically pick out all the tunes I want to play and then go through a gruelling shortlisting/editing process until it’s whittled down to 27/28 or so, before putting them into order. I never think “oooh, I need another proggy tune” or “oooh, I’d best put a vocal track in there” or anything. Nor, as you’ve probably gathered over the previous 450 mixes or so, do I really do the whole “filler track” philosophy. Never got that, to be honest, why on earth would you want to play a track that’s not as good as the others you’re playing in the set?

Anyway, I digress. Hope you like it, cos that’s the only thing that really matters 🙂

The Rebirth Session Episode 198 (13th February 2011) – “In The End”

Vitodito featuring Sara Pollino – The Song I Promised You (chillout mix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Aquaspace – Miles From Nowhere [Synergetic]
Jaden Merrick – Before Time [Defcon]
Adiva – Desired Love [Well Mixed]
SHato – Something Between Us (Odonbat proglifting remix) [Unearthed]
Nitrous Oxide & PAFF – Yeah Bunny Zion Check
Alphadelta – Sandcastle
Paul Gibson – Fusion (Piano mix) [Unearthed]
Richard Sander presents Rising Sun – Across The Sea (Space Garden remix) [Defcon]
Lemon & Einar K – Felicity [ASOT]
ReOrder – Never More A Sleeper [Perceptive]
Running Man presents Fifth Dimension – Heaven [Silent Shore]
Super8 & Tab featuring Jan Burton vs Algarve vs Coldblue – Sakura Empire (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Simon O’Shine – Miss You [Defcon]
Bonn Lewis and Phil Metcalfe present First Source – Nevaeh (N&R Project remix) [Defcon]
Ciro Visone – Dark Night [Defcon]
Norland – Cloudwalking [Silent Shore]
TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird (James Williams Soaring mix) [Defcon]
Dajan – Preoccupied In Thoughts (Trance Arts remix) [Cloudless]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (John Dopping remix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker vs Ferry Corsten presents Eon – Break Damage (Vicky Wood mashup)
Jaden Merrick – Fixate (Sandeagle remix) [Defcon]
Running Man – Sorrow (Trance Arts remix) [Unearthed]
John Waver – Hyperion (Ronny K. Emotion remix) [Defcon]
Airosource – Oddysee [Eyereflex]
Christian Drost & DK Project – Always Connected (James Williams Emotional mix) [Defcon]
Siberian Sun – Frostbite [Dedicated]

Lazarus – In The End

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The title of this one comes from the song by Daniel Johnston and the T-shirt of the same name by Si Scott which I have and absolutely adore.

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