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Defcontamination Episode 007 (26th June 2011)

This show features a guest mix from those legendary chaps !

Defcontamination Episode 007 (26th June 2011)

Hour 1 – Defcon Audio

Miroslav Vrlik – Heat Of The Night (Eugene Karnak remix) [Perceptive Deep]
Nick Thompson vs Mike Shiver & Elevation – Hurricane Spice (Lazarus mashup)
Sunground – Days Without Colours [Trance All Stars]
Dima Krasnik – Horizon Line (Alex Frolov remix) [Redux]
Sequentia – Gone Missing [Infrasonic]
Hodel & Anguilla Project – Emerald [Infrasonic]
Aurora – Hear You Calling (Jamie Walker 500 remix)
Dominic Dudek presents Astral Fortress – Enchanted In Time (TrancEye remix) [Diverted]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Leon Bolier – Shimamoto (Aly & Fila remix) [Streamlined]

Hour 2 – Med & Neil Bamford Guest mix

ReOrder – Deese Sofia [Infrasonic]
Sergey Nevone – Nature (Simon O’Shine Remix) [Defcon]
Solis – True To Me (Suncatcher Remix) [Infrasonic]
A & Z vs Elyes Karray – The Revolution [Digitized]
XGenic – Inside (Jonas Hornblad Remix) [Infrasonic]
Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Running Man 2011 Recover) [CD-R]
Myk Bee & Blue Tente – Beyond Tomorrow (Myk Bee Original Mix) [Trance All Stars]
Ross Anderson & Nick Rowland – Ignite (Estigma Remix) [NuDepth Digital]
John Waver & FD10 – Inspired (Ally Brown Remix) [Trance All Stars]
Magnus – First Born [J00F]

Defcontamination Episode 007 (320k)
Defcontamination Episode 007 (192k)

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6 Hour Special – The Rebirth Session Episode 200 (24th June 2011)

I never set out to do 200 episodes of this show, indeed, I didn’t even start counting them until I was into the eighties or something. But nonetheless, it’s the one of my shows that I think reflects me the best, hence why nearly all my demo mixes are from this show.

Had many thoughts about what to do with it and settled on the tried and tested 6-hour format. I wanted to play a wider selection of music than I eventually did, but once I’d started working out all the tracks I wanted to play, this proved impractical, in that their bpms varied from the low 110’s to the mid 170’s. I’ve always said I tend to classify my sets as either “journey sets” or “frenzy sets” and Rebirth Sessions have always tended to be the former, and I didn’t want to spoil things by going off-book for the sake of it, it just didn’t sound right in the end. That’s not to say I might not one day do, say, a drum & bass special on Rise Above though 😉

What I did manage to crowbar into the set, however, were some tracks I’ve always wanted to play in one of these, such as my joyfully uncool favourite house track of all time (Makes Me Love You) and some old school seminal classics. More importantly, however, I considered the first 199 episodes of the show, and wanted to ensure I played some of the anthems that have served me well throughout the past 7 years – and most of all, I considered some of the people who sustained me throughout that time. Many people have done more than I can ever repay in terms of encouragement and support, and the fact that there are nearly 500 of my shows now on this site is as much a testament to them as it is for me.

As such, there are certain tracks in this show that I’ve played specifically for certain people, as a thank you to them. They will know who they are and what they are 🙂

6 Hour Special – The Rebirth Session Episode 200 (24th June 2011)

Ocean Lab – Ashes [Anjunabeats]
Future Sound Of London – Everyone in the World Is Doing Something Without Me [Virgin]
Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters (Heat mix) [Mute]
Orbital – Belfast [FFRR]
Orbital – Chime Live [FFRR]
Way Out West – The Gift [Deconstruction]
Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint [Proton Music]
Soarsweep – Diffused Memories [Songbird]
Emily Haynes vs Oza – Knock Small Planet Out (Ben Double M mashup)
Eclipse – Makes Me Love You (Morning Star mix) [Azuli]
Nelly Furtado vs Degress Of Motion – Say What You Want Right Now (XiJaro mashup)
Soarsweep – Never Grow Up [Songbird]
Andy Duguid & Leah – Miracle Moments [Songbird]
DJ Hashish – Heading North [Songbird]
Proff vs Chris Lake featuring Emma Hewitt – Carry Aguilas Away (Marteed Resch Sunny Autumn Bootleg)
Underworld – Two Months Off [Junior Boys Own]
Arnej & Maor Levi vs Alex Bartlett & Duende featuring Antheya – People Touch The Sun (XiJaro mashup)
Jussi Polet – Two Seas Apart [Finity]
Keenan & Anderson featuring Tiff Lacey – Runaway (original vocal mix) [Navigation]
Dmitry Bessonov – Equator [Unearthed Red]
Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down (Allende remix)
Schiller – Das Glockenspiel (Humate remix) [Data]
Mat Zo – Aurus [Soundpiercing]
Lewis Dodkins – Solstice [Mondo]
Sarah McLachlan – Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden’ Anti-Gravity mix) [Arista]
Alphadelta – Starboard [Defcon]
Lustral – Because Of You (Magdelayna’s Everlasting vocal mix)
Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes – Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus mashup)
Matt Hardwick vs Smith & Plegder featuring Melinda Gareh – Connected [Anjunabeats]
Apple One – Colour Of Memories [Well Mixed]
ReOrder featuring Stine Grove – Biscay Bay (Ferry Tayle’s Neverending Story remix) [Perceptive]
Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’ (Alex MORPH remix) [Anjunabeats]
Ronny K. vs Ziki – Memories [Defcon]
Peaktwins – Dreamer [Electric Sauna]
Jaden Merrick – Fixate [Defcon]
Armin van Buuren featuring Ray Wilson – Yet Another Day (Rising Star mix) [Armind]
Hemstock & Jennings vs Adam White – Reverence (Darren Tate remix) [Mondo]
Defcon Audio – Theme From Defcon (Sulaco remix) [Defcon]
Astral Projection – Anything Is Possible [Transient]
Randy Katana – In Silence (Ron van den Beuken remix) [Reset]
Simon O’Shine – Miss You [Defcon]
DJ Precision & Terry Bones – Another Situation [Somatic Sense]
Jamie Walker – Break The Rules [Defcon]
Nev – Battery Man (2008 rework) [Defcon]
John Dopping – Lemon [Defcon]
Brisky vs Coleman – Prototype 1 (Synthetica) [Mondo]
Crusader – My House Is Your House (Alphazone remix) [Waterworld]
GTR – Mistral [Five AM]
The Faithless Green Martian – Industrial Insomnia (Lazarus mashup)
O’Callaghan & Kearney – Restricted Motion [Discover]
Med – In You [Abora Recordings]
Will Holland – Timeless (Deepwide remix) [Enhanced]
Ronny K. presents EOYC – Morning Light (EOYC Anthem) [Defcon]
Darren Tate – Fall From Grace [Mondo]
Ace da Brain – Trinity (Hard mix) [Venom]
Aria – Dido (Armin van Buuren’s Universal Religion mix) [Black Hole]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Lazarus breaks everything mix) [Defcon]

RS Episode 200 (320k) – 840MB
RS Episode 200 (192k) – 504MB

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Rise Above 089 (24th June 2011)

Rise Above 089 (24th June 2011)

James Dymond – Forgotten Rapture (intro edit) [Defcon]
Fleeticer – Back To Life [Northern Tunes]
Vitodito – Napoli (Suncatcher remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Ben Gold & Senadee – Today (Ferry Tayle Neverending Story remix) [Flux Delux]
Running Man – Outsider (Luke Terry remix) [Digital Insomnia]
Garetta – Arctic Heaven [Alter Ego Pure]
Angel Ace – 3AM (Vol Deeman remix) [Only One]
Meridian – Shifter (Stonevalley remix) [Infrasonic]
Arctic Moon – Adelaide [FSOE]
Simon O’Shine – Anya (Jaden Merrick remix) [Defcon]

Rise Above 089 (320k)
Rise Above 089 (192k)


Rise Above 088 (17th June 2011)

Rise Above 088 (17th June 2011)

Simmons & Blanc featuring Chloe Langley – State Of Emergency (Store N Forward remix) [Afterglow]
Attractive Deep Sound – Last Bullet [Enhanced Progressive]
ReOrder – Sunrise [Monster Tunes]
Elite Electronic – Sunshine Beach (A.T.M. presents Aquatiqa Balearic mix) [Neuroscience]
Ilya Flame – Fractal Universe [Soundwaves]
Silverstrike – Ichor (James Williams remix) [Excitement]
Function C presents Keelin Temple – Night Moves [Defcon]
DenSity Fuzion – Water Drop (Mike Jawlera’s Dirty Water remix) [Defcon]
Simon Pattersion – Latika [Night Vision]
Matt Laws – Proffesional Window (John Dopping remix) [Dirt Lies & Audio]

Rise Above 088 (320k)
Rise Above 088 (192k)


Defcontamination Episode 006 (12th June 2011)

Apologies for the problem with the broadcast, it will be rescheduled at some point 🙂

Defcontamination Episode 006 (12th June 2011)

Hour 1 – Defcon Audio

Parker & Hanson vs Libra – Let Me Be Calling Your Name (Defcon Allstars edition)
Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo [FSOE]
Adam Kancerski – Bubblegum (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic remix) [Infrasonic]
Timmy & Tommy featuring Leila – Perfect Motion [Full Tilt]
Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo [Perfecto Fluoro]
Liquid Soul vs Thomas Bronzwaer – Spell Resound (Defcon Allstars edition)
Defcon Audio – Fringe Division (Paul Todd remix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Exposure [Defcon]
Chakra – Love Shines Through (Alex MORPH remix) [Armada]
Simon Patterson – Latika [Night Vision]
Right Face – Deep Impression (Adam Nickey remix) [Enhanced]

Hour 2- Paul Pearson Guest mix

Daniel Szabo – Budapest [Alter Ego Progressive]
Jan Martin feat Hysteria – Save me now [Enhanced Progressive]
Aly & Fila feat Sue McLaren – Still (Jan Martin remix) [F.S.O.E]
Daniel Kandi – Soul Searchin (Nitrous Oxide remix) [Anjunabeats]
Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Oliver Smith remix) [Anjunabeats]
Tritonal feat Jeza – I can Breathe (Tritonal club mix) [A.U.There]
Juventa – Gone with the wind [Enhanced]
Meridian – Shifter (Stonevalley remix) [Infrasonic]
Arctic Moon – Adelaide [F.S.O.E]

Defcontamination 006 (320k)
Defcontamination 006 (192k)

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Rise Above 087 (10th June 2011)

Rise Above 087 (10th June 2011)

George Acosta featuring Emma Lock – Falling Deep [Black Hole]
Adam Kancerski – Bubblegum (Kiholm progg remix) [Infrasonic]
Ehren Stowers featuring Emi Jarvi – Predator [Alter Ego]
Juventa vs Garetta & Jaco – Gone With The Sunset (Vicky Wood mashup)
Masoud featuring Hannah Ray – Skyward [AVA]
Crimson – Stardust [Mondo]
Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha – If It Ain’t Broke [Enhanced]
Marti Everson & B Prime – Outbreak Inside (Simon O’Shine remix) [Timeline]
Oen Bearen & Cylum – Greenwalking (Miroslav Vrlik remix) [Unearthed]
Matt Pincer – Don’t Be Afraid (Snoww’s Energetic remix) [Red Trance]
Jamie Walker – Exposure [Defcon]

Rise Above 087 (320k)
Rise Above 087 (192k)

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Back From The Dead Episode 134 (6th June 2011)

Back From The Dead Episode 134 (6th June 2011)

Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa – Move On (Space Garden presents Star Sailor remix)
ReOrder & Irena Love – Sundown [Monster Tunes]
Sergey Nevone – Nature (Simon O’Shine remix) [Defcon]
Paul Gibson – Tritium [Crystal Source]
Defcon Audio – Theme From Defcon (TrancEye 2011 remix) [Defcon]
Miracleblue – Distant Signals [Only Trance]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Paul Todd remix) [Defcon]
Simon O’Shine & TrancEye – Lost Love [Harmonic Breeze]
James Williams – State Your Destination [Camouflage]
Ferrin & Morris – Precious Times [Transistic]
Active Lymbic System – Greenland (Darren Porter remix) [NU Communicate]
Matt Bukovski – Delight (Arctic Moon remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Function C presents Keelin Temple – Night Moves [Defcon]
Exclipse – Thunder Bay (Sunset remix) [Alter Ego]
Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo (Neptune Project’s In Search Of The Mayans remix) [FSOE]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Exposure [Defcon]
DenSity Fuzion – Water Drop (Mike Jawlera’s Dirty Water remix) [Defcon]
Binary Finary & Trent McDermott – Freedom Seekers (Arctic Moon remix) [Insight UK]
Sied van Riel featuring Nicole McKenna – Stealing Time (Aly & Fila remix) [Liquid]

BFTD Episode 134 (320k)
BFTD Episode 133 (192k)

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