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Rise Above 109 (30th December 2011)

Rise Above 109 (30th December 2011)

Wavemanx – Courage Night [Junior]
Juventa – City On Clouds (Exminds remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Pedro Del Mar & Illitheas – Bahia Del Sol (Illitheas mix) [Shah]
Arkadi – Epicentre [Aria Digital]
Faruk Sabanci – As Faces Fade (Uplifting mix) [Aropa]
Brett Wood – My Everything [Nukleuz]
Luke Bond featuring Emel – Amaze (Fady & Mina remix) [FSOE]
Norman & Foley – Morphine [NatLife]
NX-Trance – Rolling Out [Uplifting Tunes]
Steve Allen & Scott Envy – Genesis [Digital Upgrade]

Rise Above 109 (320k)
Rise Above 109 (192k)

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See you in 2012 😉


Defcontamination Episode 018 (25th December 2011)

Now it might be Christmas but as you may also know, Defcon celebrated our second birthday last week, and so for this episode I decided to do a retrospective mix of some of the tracks we’ve released in the past two years. Long may it continue! 🙂

Defcontamination Episode 018 (25th December 2011)

Ronny K. presents Advanced – Morning Light (EOYC Anthem) (intro mix) [Defcon]
Med & Phil Metcalfe – January (Alphadelta remix) [Defcon]
Simon O’Shine – Enthusiasm [Defcon]
Jaden Merrick – Fixate [Defcon]
Space Garden – Sora [Defcon]
Ronny K. vs Ziki – Memories [Defcon]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Med’s 2009 Extended remix) [Defcon]
Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Last Goodbye [Defcon]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Jamie Walker remix) [Defcon]
Function C presents Keelin Temple – Take Off [Defcon]
DenSity FuZion – Water Drop (Mike Jawlera’s Dirty Water remix) [Defcon]
John Dopping – Lemon [Defcon]
Liquid Vision presents LIKWID – Apache [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Mind Games [Defcon]
Defcon Audio – Theme From Defcon (Sulaco remix) [Defcon]
TrancEye – Suffering (Deep In My Heart) [Defcon]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Ronny K. Emotional remix) [Defcon]
John Waver – Hyperion (Energetic mix) [Defcon]
Ronny K. presents Advanced – Nightlife In Tokyo [Defcon]
Simon O’Shine – Miss You (AncientMind’s Reign Of Guitars remix) [Defcon]

Defcontamination 018 (320k)
Defcontamination 018 (192k)

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8 And A Half Hour Special – Rise Above 100

Can’t really put a date on this one as it was a while in completing in the end, but all things considered I’m happy with how it went.

I wanted to do an “old-fashioned” Lazarus set which meant more vinyl and less Defcon, and I spent a while going through all my vinyls and older tracks I might otherwise had forgotten. Once I’d picked out 150 or so I just cracked on with it, so it’s only sort of planned out really. Originally I set out to do six hours but, as you can see, I got carried away 🙂

Love mixing the newer stuff with the older stuff, and barring a couple of ropey vinyl mixes (both of which I’m happy to say I save in the end) I hope it all works. There’s one unfortunate vinyl skip very early on but other than that the black stuff seems to still be all in pretty good working order!

8 And A Half Hour Special – Rise Above 100

Med & Phil Metcalfe – January (Magdelayna’s chilldown mix) [Defcon]
Armin van Buuren featuring Justine Suissa – Never Wanted This [Armind]
Dmitry Bessonov – Sahara [Unearthed Red]
Marcus Schulz presents Elevation – Somewhere (Clear Blue) [ASOT]
Alphadelta – Quicksand (2009 rework)
David West – Suffering Island [Solaris]
Daniel Bralli – Unforgettable [Bralli]
Basic Perspective – Small Step On The Other Side (Elevation remix) [Anjunabeats]
PROFF – Glittering Puzzle [Anjunadeep]
Patrick Stowson – Simply Red [Solaris]
Sovt – Aydan [Perceptive Deep]
OceanLab – Miracle (Martin Roth remix) [Anjunabeats]
Myon – Albion [In Trance We Trust]
Digital Blues – Definition [Lange]
Sunquest featuring Josie – A Little Bit Special (Sundriver remix) [Infrasonic]
Bullitt – Cried To Dream (Max Graham remix) [Variation]
Filip Konecny – On The Waves [Unearthed Subliminal]
CJ Peeton & Di – Let Me In (CJ’s original mix) [Elliptical]
Planisphere – Teardrop [Bonzai]
Espen Lorentzen – You Don’t Know [Silent Shore Deep]
Smith & Pledger vs Dinka – Civilization Forever (Ben Double M mashup)
Mike Shiver – Morning Drive [Anjunabeats]
Digitalis – Memento (Suncatcher remix) [Monster Tunes]
Salt Tank – Eugina (Michael Woods remix) [Lost Language]
Kamil Polner – Heart Of Sun [ASOT]
Solarstone presents Elizabeth Fields – Speak In Sympathy (Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun remix) [Fireglow]
Artimes – Primogeniture (Acues remix) [Only One]
Space Brothers – One More Chance (Riley & Durrant remix) [Boss]
Mungo – Under The Sea [ASOT]
MK-S vs Robert Nickson – Fallback [ASOT]
John O’Callaghan featuring Josie – Out Of Nowhere (Stoneface & Terminal vocal remix) [Captivating Sounds]
Rusch & Murray – Epic (Above & Beyond remix) [Anjunabeats]
Rapha – Pandora (Daniel Kandi Emotional mix) [Sensate]
Anguilla Project vs Paul van Dyk – Sands Of Our Lives (Next DJ mashup)
Cellec – Love Of My Love (Polner & Sender vocal mix) [KYR]
Luminary – Dark Eyes (Funabashi presents Tom Porcell remix) [Solaris]
Alphalifter – Dewdrops (Paul Miller remix) [RealAMPlified Music]
Sophie Sugar – Call Of Tomorrow [Galactive]
Kuffdam & Plant – Summerdream (Stoneface & Terminal remix) [Monster Tunes]
Factoria – Revive (Static Blue remix) [Breeze]
Super 8 & DJ Tab – First Aid [Anjunabeats]
Ronny K. – Orchidea (Ilya Soloviev remix) [Timeline]
Airbase – One Tear Away [Intuition]
Paul Miller & Manuel Le Saux – Sunny Day [Asgard]
V-One – Dead Cities [Lost Language]
DJ Eco vs The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides Forever (XiJaro mashup)
Brisky – Celestial [Monster Tunes]
Electrovoya – Whispers (Alphadelta remix)
Summerchannel featuring Fisher – A Thousand Miles (George Acosta remix) [Libra Rising]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon]
Affective – Aromessentials [Tranceport]
Deems – Tears Of Hope (Aly & Fila remix) [Discover]
Dima Krasnik – Rise [Daif]
Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me (Med rework)
Sunscreem – Exodus (Push remix) [Five AM]
Marcus Schulz – Without You Near (Alex MORPH Sacred Light remix) [Coldharbour]
System F – Spaceman [Tsunami]
Johan Kivi – Clouds (Blizzr & Storm remix) [Inspired]
Fire & Ice – Lost Emotions (Bryan Kearney remix) [Fourty5]
Persequor – Midnight Saviour (Sean Tyas remix) [MPFS White]
Nu-Nrg – Casino (Stoneface & Terminal remix) [Monster Tunes]
Nitrous Oxide presents Redmoon – Accelerate
Hiver & Hammer – Fusion 2006 (Carl B mix) [Somatic Sense]
Veracocha vs Simon Patterson – Carte Smack (F1D0 mashup)
Marcos – Red Bullet [90 Degrees North]
Nu Nrg – Dreamland (John Dopping remix)
Crusader – My House Is Your House (Alphazone remix) [Waterworld]
Thomas Bronzwaer – Resound (Sean Tyas remix) [Yakusa]
Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures [Mondo]
Elite Electronic – The Sword (Photographer remix) [Elliptical]
Samuelzone – Intox Rox [Inspired]
Cold Blue & Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt remix) [In Trance We Trust]
Selu Vibra – Divine [Somatic Sense]
Tragida – My Pinky Lady [Royal Tek]
Westbam vs Red Jerry – Wizards Of The Sonic (Matt Darey remix) [Wonderboy]
John Waver – Hyperion (Ronny K. Emotion remix) [Defcon]
Pervading Call Two – On My Mind (Ace da Brain remix) [Parabolica]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (2009 club mix) [Defcon]

Rise Above 100 (192k) – complete file (712MB)

CD-friendly links (320k)
Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6
Disc 7

Don’t forget you can also download all the shows directly from Crystal Clouds too. Many thanks to them for putting up with this big one! 🙂

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Please feel free to add any mirror links if you wish. The full show as a 320k file is 1.15GB and not easy to find a suitable host but if anyone can help on that do please get in touch 🙂

Merry Christmas! 🙂


Rise Above 108 (23rd December 2011)

Rise Above 108 (23rd December 2011)

Affective – Stella [Tranceport]
Matt Eray – Harbour [Unearthed Subliminal]
Oliver V – Last Message [Neverending Story]
Sensetive5 featuring Liek – I Can’t Believe (Odonbat progressive remix) [Unearthed]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Alphadelta remix) [Defcon]
Bushi & Luke Terry – Skyfall (Sergey Shabanov remix) [Unearthed]
AncientMind – Dreamchaser [Defcon]
Cart & Forum – Emperor [Trance All Stars]
Dave Horne meets Econu – Occlusion (Jamie Walker Trance remix) [Nu-Depth]
Icone joins Arpegia – Fatal Beauty (Tragida remix) [Abora]

Rise Above 108 (320k)
Rise Above 108 (192k)

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End Of Year Countdown 2011 (19th December 2011)

And so it was that Afterhours FM decided to do another massive end of year event, and I was lucky enough to be part of it!

Sadly, my internet connection and home phone line also gave out on the same day, leaving me without all week! Had to try and post the tracklist and follow the forum on my phone as best I can 🙂

Thought about what to do for the show, but as my recent UK In The Mix set had had a lot of advance promo tracks in from next year, for this I decided to just pick ten of my favourite Defcon tracks from 2011 instead 🙂

Lazarus – End Of Year Countdown 2011 (19th December 2011)

Steve Bengaln – Terminal (James Dymond remix) [Defcon]
Cart – Port Of Sorrow [Defcon]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Paul Todd remix) [Defcon]
Bonn Lewis & Phil Metcalfe – Nevaeh (Scott Lowe & Dan Winter remix) [Defcon]
Simon O’Shine – Anya (Jaden Merrick remix) [Defcon]
Liquid Vision presents LIKWID – Feelings (Alternative mix) [Defcon]
TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird (James Williams Soaring mix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Exposure [Defcon]
Jaden Merrick – Fixate (Sandeagle remix) [Defcon]
John Waver – Hyperion (Ronny K. Emotion remix) [Defcon]

Lazarus – EOYC 2011 (320k)
Lazarus – EOYC 2011 (192k)

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Rise Above 107 (16th December 2011)

Rise Above 107 (16th December 2011)

Mark Nails – I’m Here For You [Perceptive Deep]
Airbase featuring Floria Ambra – Interfere (Kimito Lopez Loves Ibiza remix) [Intuition]
Nic Toms – Mars [Defcon]
Conrad Winged & Ascania – Lighthouse (Matt Bukovski remix) [Infected Identity]
Simon O’Shine – Calm Sea [Silent Shore]
Hendrik Jelsma & Immersiv – Seems To Be (Peet B remix) [Crystal Source]
Faruk Sabanci vs Daniel Kandi vs Above & Beyond – Good For Himalaya (Bryan Kearney mashup)
Ashley Smith & Josh Kayn – Far Away (Touchstone remix) [Digitized]
Andrew Candid & John Dopping – Savannah (Indecent Noise remix) [Nu-Depth]
Bryan Summerville – Deeply Thoughts (Allan McLuhan remix) [D:Max]
Jamie Walker – Mind Games [Defcon]

Rise Above 107 (320k)
Rise Above 107 (192k)

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Chillout Special VI – Rise Above 106 (9th December 2011)

Thought it was about time I did another one of these, I still really enjoy combining some modern day stuff with some of the early EDM that inspired me 🙂

Chillout Special VI – Rise Above 106 (9th December 2011)

Chicane – Early
Salt Tank – Eugina (Sargasso Sea)
Lighthouse Family – High (Magdelayna Orchestral remake)
Hybrid – Beachcoma
Spring Heel Jack – There Are Strings
Global Communication – 8 07
William Orbit – Water From A Vine Leaf
Moby – First Cool Hive
Lord Arithon – Her Dreams
Jam & Spoon – Who Opened The Door To Nowhere
Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms (Des McMahon remix)
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

Rise Above 106 (320k)
Rise Above 106 (192k)

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