Top 50 Of 2012 – The Rebirth Session Episode 209 (22nd January 2013)

OK, so here we have the ninth one of these countdown specials – later though they might be arriving every time!

I realised after doing this mix that it does in fact contain a track from 2011 (no.49) and two from 2013 (no’s 43 and 23) and pedants are welcome to voice their disapproval to the Trance Police. There might even be other anomalies I’m yet to spot….

My defence is that I compile these things from narrowing down the list I make of every tune I played in all my shows throughout the year, and as anyone who’s ever heard my mixing or remembers my From The Ashes accident will confirm – I do sometimes make mistakes. And in the spirit of this legacy I’ve once again decided to leave the errors untouched for all to see. They don’t keep me awake at night so don’t worry 😉

Top 50 Of 2012 – The Rebirth Session Episode 209 (22nd January 2013)

50. Loobosh – Morning Dew (Dmitry Golban remix) [Silent Shore]
49. Ferry Tayle featuring Hannah Ray – Memory Of Me (club mix) [Enhanced]
48. Gareth Weston vs Mark Leanings & Tania Zygar – Whatever Happened To Forgotten Shrines (Raeb Ladiv’s Puzzle Piece mashup)
47. Arctic Sound – Fable (Thomas G remix) [Trance All Stars]
46. Touchstone – Senza Fine (Paul Todd remix) [Digitized]
45. Laura May featuring Charlie – Wicked & Breathe (Ian Standerwick remix) [Digitized]
44. Liquid Vision presents LIKWID – Nothing Else Matters [Defcon]
43. Ian Standerwick – The Shadowland [Digitized]
42. Morvan – Anima (Subimpact remix) [Unearthed Red]
41. Mike van Fabio – Beachbreeze (Liquid Vision remix) [Nile Tunes]
40. tranzLift – Sacrifice (Simon O’Shine remix) [Trance All Stars]
39. Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Disconnected (classic mix) [Perceptive]
38. Mujahid – Hopes In Horizon [Created Noise]
37. Ozzy XPM – Left Behind (Will Atkinson remix) [Blue Soho]
36. Timo Pralle – When We Were Young (Ultimate remix) [D:Max]
35. Thomas Bronzwaer – Resound (Defcon Audio’s Defconditioned edition)
34. The Noble Six – For Her (Type 41 remix) [Blue Soho]
33. Scott Lowe & High Definition – Torn [Defcon]
32. Liam Melly & Phil Taylor – Programmed Reaction [Spellbinding]
31. Nagijuana – Rising From The Ashes (Ancient Mind Remix) [Pulsar]
30. Mr Carefull – Second To None [Blue Soho]
29. Mosahar – After All (Touchstone remix) [Silent Shore]
28. Michele Cecchi – Illusion [Nile Tunes]
27. Stannis – Clouds In Velvet (Dmitry Golban remix) [Perceptive Pure]
26. Maria Healy – Salla Torres [Nu-Depth]
25. Manuel Rocca – Majestic [Unearthed Red]
24. Talitha Taylor & Brett Wood – Heaven’s Key (New World remix) [Defcon]
23. Gareth Weston – Checkmate (Touchstone remix) [Digitized]
22. Vlad Krotov – King Of Worship (August Vila remix) [Trance All Stars]
21. Diffract – Deep Serenity [Defcon]
20. Matt Eray – Subterra [Unearthed Subliminal]
19. Gabriele Menten featuring Aurelia – Home (Lazarus edit) [Terminal 01]
18. Leon 78 presents Northia featuring Hanna Finsen – Dare (Kaimo Kerge remix) [Silent Shore]
17. John O’Callaghan & Guiseppe Ottoviani vs Conjure One featuring Sinead O’Connor – Ride The Moon (Joshua Márquez recon)
16. Cylum & Velden & First Effect featuring Irena Love – Nothing But Your Hands (Jordan Waeles remix) [Silent Shore]
15. Ciro Visone & Rita Visone – The Last Breath (Touchstone remix) [Defcon]
14. Dave Demos – Seventh Wind (Liquid Vision presents LIKWID’s Open-Minded remix) [Defcon]
13. Kaimo K – Walkabout (Milamdo presents Harmonic Rush remix) [D:Max]
12. Ronny K. presents Advanced – Osiris [Defcon]
11. Sean Tyas – Candida (Thomas G Acid refill)
10. Dave Nadz & LeBlanc – Haamiah (Liquid Vision presents LIKWID remix) [Defcon]
9. New World – Boundless Light (Emotional mix) [Defcon]
8. Ahmed Romel presents Merové – Ourjowan [Blue Soho]
7. John O’Callaghan vs Marco V – Goddtest (Defcon Allstars edition)
6. Bryan Kearney & Jamie Walker – Nataraja [Kearnage]
5. Simon O’Shine – Your Distant World [Trance All Stars]
4. Jamie Walker – Brainwave [Defcon]
3. Ronny K. vs Ziki – Memories (New World remix) [Defcon]
2. New World – Outreach [Defcon]
1. Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (New World 2012 remix) [Defcon]

Lazarus – Top 50 Of 2012

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Lazarus – Top 50 Of 2012

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4 Responses to “Top 50 Of 2012 – The Rebirth Session Episode 209 (22nd January 2013)”

  1. 1 Scott
    January 30, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Not sure what’s going on with the download of the full thing mate. It’s running at under 1k a second. (I’m on a 100 meg line thats blazing away for other downloads no problem).

    Something up with your file hosting ?

    • January 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm

      Hi mate

      Not sure what the problem is, it works fine for me, just downloaded it in 4 mins here. It could’ve be a busy time of day of something, I don’t really understand these things, but I hope you can get it to work 🙂

      I’ve also put some mirror links up now too which hopefully offer alternatives, there’s also Crystal Clouds for a direct download too 😉

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