Defcontamination Episode 050 (11th August 2013) – with Mr Carefull guest mix

Original image courtesy of John Eagles (and Batman)

Defcontamination Episode 050 (11th August 2013) – with Mr Carefull guest mix

Hour 1 – Defcon Audio

Abandoned Rainbow & Emilia Bartosz – Just One Night (Cold Rush remix) [D:Max]
Gelius – Pleasure By Freedom [Andromeda]
Stephen Kirkwood – We Are All Connected (Dave Leyrock remix) [Defcon]
ARS – Upstairs (Paul Miller remix) [Unearthed]
Rene Ablaze & Global Influence – Feel [Blue Soho]
Silica – Samurai [Defcon]
Dreamy – Connected Feelings (Bart Panco remix) [Beyond The Stars]
Tangle – Mirage (Touchstone remix) [Edge EDM]
Outer Space – New Land (Michele Cecchi remix) [Nile Tunes]
Ronny K. vs Android – Simple Joy (New World remix) [Defcon]
Emanuele Congeddu & Nicolas – First Kiss (Kaimo K remix) [AEZ]

Hour 2 – Mr Carefull Guest mix

Kaimo K – Innermost (Reorder remix) [Edge]
Andy Ellias & DanteS – Rain (Mr Carefull remix) [Nile Tunes]
Armin Van Buuren – Who’s Afraid Of 138 (Photographer remix) [WAO138]
Tranzlift – Magical Journey (Mr Carefull remix) [Beyond The Stars]
Mr Carefull – Iridium (Function C remix) [Defcon]
Trance Division – Orchestrate (Dreamy Banging remix) [Trancefixion]
Ciro Visone – First Coming (Mr Carefull remix) [Defcon]
Subimpact & Maritime Vibes – Liberos (Mr Carefull remix) [Edge]
Nymark & Dryden – Exosphere (Darren Porter remix) [Defcon]
Illuminor – Sonar (Temple One remix) [Amon Vision]

Defcontamination 050

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Defcontamination 050

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