Chillout Special XI – Rise Above 188 (23rd August 2013)

Original image - "You Only Live Once" by 13s69

Chillout Special XI – Rise Above 188 (23rd August 2013)

Etasonic – Foreign Dust (Sentimental mix) [Sensual Bliss]
Aural Method – The Night Sky Broke In Open Stride As Weary Stars (Need A Name remix)
Mike Onswell – Lost Forever (Simon O’Shine Orchestral mix) [Nile Tunes]
Touchstone & Ian Standerwick – She’s Wonderful (Magdelayna chilled remake) [Digitized]
Need A Name – Twelve Zero Seven
New World – Faraway (chillout mix)
Afternova – Tranquillity (Orchestral mix) [Abora]
tranzLift – Never See You Again
Blue Horizon & Shyprince – Lithium (Orchestral mix) [Abora]
Exist Strategy – Hidden Love (Need A Name remix)
Canoo – Jukai
Need A Name – Touch
Au4 – Everyone Is Everyone (And Everything Is Everything)

Rise Above 188

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Rise Above 188

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1 Response to “Chillout Special XI – Rise Above 188 (23rd August 2013)”

  1. September 8, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Awesome tracks from Etasonic, New World, Afternova, Blue Horizon & Shyprince and beautiful remix from Simon O’Shine, Magdelayna.

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