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Defcontamination Episode 027 (27th May 2012)

Defcontamination Episode 027 (27th May 2012)

Hour 1 – Defcon Audio (Jamie Walker Tribute mix)

Jamie Walker – The Next Chapter
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Jamie Walker remix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – The Afterlife [Defcon]
Dave Horne – Occlusion (Jamie Walker trance mix) [Nu-Depth]
Jamie Walker – Break The Rules [Defcon]
Defcon Audio vs Jamie Walker – Defcontamination
Jamie Walker – Summit [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Mind Games [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Exposure [Defcon]
DenSity FuZion – Water Drop (Mike Jawlera’s Dirty Water remix) [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Brainwave [Defcon]

Hour 2 – Liquid Vision Guest mix

Cramp Feat. Natalie Peris – More To This (Solis Remix)
Ingsha Feat. Di – Binary Code (Liquid Vision’s In Memory Of Tillmann Remix)
Mike Foyle – Shipwrecked (Sean Tyas Remix)
John O’ Callaghan Feat. Neal Scarborough – The Chamber (Original Mix)
Vengeance – Explain (Reminder Remix)
Deadmau5 – Duo Cad Sordid (Original Mix)
John O’ Callaghan – Save It For A Rainy Day (Original Mix)
Neptune Project – Aztec (Aly & Fila Remix)
Tiesto – Flight 643
E-Craig – Home (Dub Mix)
Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix)
Paul Trainer – Quasar (Original Mix)

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Defcontamination 027 (192k)

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AH.FM Deja Vu 003 (31st January 2011)

And so I was delighted to be asked back for a third time for this special nostalgic event! Had many thoughts about what to do for it, whether to go old old school and play some obscure early German stuff that I love (and others would probably hate) but in the end decided to pay homage to probably my favourite trance producer of all time 🙂 More modern trance than classic trance I suppose, but then we were allowed to go up to 2005 😉

Please support this amazing artist:

Lazarus – Deja Vu 003

Ace’s Delight – Sunrise [Venom] (2004)
Ace Da Brain – Magic Waters [Venom] (2005)
Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme (Ultra Trance mix) [Venom] (2003)
Pervading Call Two – On My Mind (Ace Da Brain mix) [Parabolica] (2005)
Pervading Call Two – No Time To Rest (Ace Da Brain mix) [Parabolica] (2005)
Ace Da Brain – Sunset [Venom] (2004)
Ace Da Brain – Trinity (Hard mix) [Venom] (2005)
Ace Da Brain – Depths Of Doom [Venom] (2005)
Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme (Ace Da Brain’s Hell On Earth mix) [Venom] (2003)
Baced! vs Ace’s Delight – Witness [Venom] (2004)

Lazarus – Deja Vu 003

Like I said before, please support this amazing artist:


Darren Tate Tribute Mix (31st March 2008)

I always had intended to do a tribute mix to Darren Tate but had never gotten around to it. However, a competition on the Matt Hardwick forums gave me the impetus I needed! The competition was to do a tribute mix of tracks by one producer, simples.

In the early days of my broadcasting on DJ Source Radio, I featured at least one of Darren’s tunes in pretty much every show, and I used to have a post-it note on the wall above the decks that simply said “IN DARREN WE TRUST”. Nuff said 🙂

Darren Tate Tribute Mix (31st March 2008)

Darren Tate – Winter [Mondo]
Darren Tate – Dawn [Mondo]
DT8 Project – Destination (Jurgen Vries mix) [Direction]
Jurgen Vries – Take My Hand [Direction]
Darren Tate – Synergy [Mondo]
Jurgen Vries – The Theme [Direction]
Jurgen Vries – Wilderness (dub mix) [Direction]
Hemstock & Jennings – Reverence (Darren Tate remix) [Mondo]
Darren Tate – Prayer For A God [Mondo]
Brisky vs Coleman present Prototype 1 – Synthetica (DT8 club mix) [Mondo]
Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In [Mondo]
Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures [Mondo]
Darren Tate – Fall From Grace [Mondo]

Darren Tate Tribute Mix

Mirror links:

Darren Tate as Discogs


Alex MORPH Tribute Mix (19th March 2006)

It was around about this time that I did my Alex MORPH tribute, though I don’t know exactly! Enjoy 😀

Alex MORPH Tribute Mix (19th March 2006)

Realm F vs Rankey – Nairobi (Alex MORPH remix) [Discover]
Nautical Imagery – Distant Dreams (Alex MORPH remix) [Enhanced]
Exertion – Partizan (Alex MORPH remix) [Afterglow]
DJ Spoke – Fall To Pieces (Alex MORPH remix) [Sirup]
Alex MORPH – Flaming Clouds [Fenology]
Alex MORPH & Woody Van Eyden – Heavenly [Fenology]
Talla 2XLC – Manifesto (Van Eyden b2b MORPH mix) [Technoclub]
Lennox – Servant Of Justice (Alex MORPH remix) [Mondo]
Super8 & DJ Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’ (Alex MORPH remix) [Anjunabeats]
Alex MORPH – Unification [Fenology]
Alex MORPH – New Harvest [Fenology]
Mat Silver & Tony Burt – Waimea (Alex MORPH remix) [Above The Sky]
ATB – Humanity (Alex MORPH remix) [Kontor]
Talla 2XLC featuring Ely – The Air I Breathe (Alex MORPH remix) [Bostich]
Alex MORPH presents Everest – Oree (Alex MORPH remix) [Monster Tunes]
Andy Moor – Halcyon (Alex MORPH remix) [Armind]
Kenny Hayes – Ibiza Sky (Alex MORPH remix) [Somatic Sense]
Matt Darey – Eternity (Alex MORPH remix) [Darey Products]
Icone – Astra (Arc In The Sky mix) [Flux Delux]
Ohm Boys – Down Under (2005 Remake) [Red Silver]
Sunblind – Believe (Arc In The Sky dub mix) [Monster Tunes]
Stoneface & Terminal – Sidewinder (Arc In The Sky remix) [Electric Department]
Arc In The Sky – Vainqueur (7am At Heavens Gate mix) [Discover]
Badlands – Let Them Know [Drizzly]

Alex MORPH Tribute mix

Alex MORPH at Discogs


Back From The Dead Episode 071 (12th January 2006)

January 2006 kicked off with the sad news of the tragic death of one of my all-time inspirations, trance legend himself Markus Löffel, better known as Mark Spoon, from Jam & Spoon.

Their contribution to the soundtrack of my teenage years and beyond can’t go un-noticed. Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 is in my all-time top 5 albums, in Stella and Odyssey To Anyoona they produced two of the finest trance records ever made, and this world is a poorer place without Mark in it.

This episode was my sort of tribute to him – as I only had the Discman at the time though I was pretty limited in what I could accomplish – at one point I will do a full and more complete tribute 🙂

Back From The Dead Episode 071 (12th January 2006)

Jam & Spoon – Two Spys In The House Of Love [Dance Pool]
Jam & Spoon – Stella [Dance Pool]
Musikman – The Day After Tomorrow (intro mix) [Metropolis]
Matt Darey – Eternity (Matt Darey remix) [Darey Products]
Storm – Storm [Positiva]
Peaktwins – Dreamer [Electric Sauna]
Moon Project – Moments Are Forever [Bonzai]
Storm – Time To Burn [Data]
Westbam vs Red Jerry – Wizards Of The Sonic (Matt Darey remix) [Wonderboy]
Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona [Dance Pool]

BFTD Episode 071


Armin van Buuren Tribute Mix – Love The Weekend Episode 014 (12th July 2005)

Mr van Buuren, at this point, was sticking at around number 3 in the DJ Mag charts and spending most of his time making mint tunes and clashing with my Back From The Dead shows every Thursday evening.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to talk about trance over the past decade without mentioning him, and there aren’t that many people out there you can say that about 😉

Armin van Buuren Tribute Mix – Love The Weekend Episode 014 (12th July 2005)

Armin Van Buuren – Prooemium
Armin Van Buuren – Precious
Fragile featuring Alex Lemon – Inertia (Armin Van Buuren remix)
Airwave vs Rising Star – Sunspot
Rising Star – Touch Me
Armin Van Buuren – Blue Fear
24 – The Longest Day
Armin Van Buuren featuring Ray Wilson – Yet Another Day (Rising Star mix)
Armin Van Buuren – Burned With Desire (Rising Star dub mix)
Desiderio – Starlight (Armin Van Buuren’s Rising Star mix)
Armin Van Buuren – Shivers
Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion mix)
Solid Sessions – Janiero (Armin Van Buuren remix)
Solar Stone – 7 Cities (Armin Van Buuren remix)
Armin Van Buuren – Sunburn
Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust.wav
Riva – Time Is The Healer (Armin Van Buuren dub mix)
Major League – Wonder Where You Are
Armin Van Buuren – Communication
Aria – Dido (Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion mix)

Episode 14 – Armin Tribute mix

Armin van Buuren at Discogs


John O’Callaghan Tribute Mix (24th June 2005)

My admiration from Mr Jo’C by this time had been widely advertised – I did, if you recall, predict he’d be DJ Mag’s World No.1 DJ within 5 years back in October 2004!

I think this might just be a stretch this year now, but give him a couple more, I reckon he’s got a decent chance 😉

John O’Callaghan Tribute Mix (24th June 2005)

John O’Callaghan – Foreign Delusions [Equilibrium]
Exertion – Partizan [Afterglow]
Inertia – The Emerald [Discover]
Unknown Source – Cruentus (Exertion remix) [Afterglow]
Sophie Sugar – Call Of Tomorrow (John O’Callaghan remix) [Galactive]
Inner State – Changes (John O’Callaghan remix) [First Second]
Gate 42 – Flow (John O’Callaghan remix) [Discover]
Inertia – The Chamber [Discover]
Siberian Sun – Frostbite [Dedicated]
Mannix – Mercury [ASOT]
O’Callaghan & Kearney – Restricted Motion [Discover]

John O’Callaghan Tribute mix

John O’Callaghan at Discogs


Airwave Tribute Mix (24th May 2005)

Laurent Véronnez, also known as Airwave, was another true pioneer of the genre that I wanted to pay tribute to 🙂

Airwave Tribute Mix (24th May 2005)

Airwave – When Things Go Wrong [Bonzai]
Airwave vs Rising Star – Sunspot [Bonzai]
Tiesto – In My Memory (V-One remix) [Nebula]
Lolo – Sunset [Bonzai]
Fire & Ice – Souvenir De Chine [Bonzai]
Art Of Trance – Love Washes Over (Airwave remix) [Platipus]
V-One – Dead Cities [Bonzai]
Planisphere – Moonshine [Bonzai]
Green Martian – Industry [Serious]
Push – Strange World (Airwave remix) [Bonzai]
The Clergy – The Oboe Song (Green Martian remix) [FFRR]
Airwave – Another Dimension [Bonzai]
Solar Stone – Seven Cities (V-One’s Living Cities remix) [Lost Language]

Airwave Tribute mix
Airwave Tribute mix (mirror links)

Laurent Véronnez at Discogs


M.I.K.E. Tribute Mix (3rd May 2005)

It was around this time that I was developing a taste for tribute mixes. A guy called Phill over at DJ Source had done a Ferry Corsten tribute mix which I’d loved, and it had left me thinking about doing one as well.

So I’d checked out my vinyl collection to see the producers I seemed to like the most, and it all took off from there really. I might have only done this one at first but it was well received and then other people started doing them as well until it became this whole little cross-genre movement on DJ Source, easing some of the tensions on the genre-terrorism front, which was a first in itself 😀

Because I didn’t do these first few as broadcast shows, I’m not entirely sure of the dates of the mixes, so they’re approximate 😉

M.I.K.E. Tribute Mix (3rd May 2005)

Push – Tranzy State Of Mind [Bonzai]
Moon Project – Housebuilder 99 [XTC]
Push – Journey Of Life [Bonzai]
Active Sight – Out Of Our Lives [Captivating]
Ayu – Connected (Push remix) [Drizzly]
Moon Project – Moments Are Forever [Bonzai]
Push Vs Globe – Tranceformation [Bonzai]
Sinead O’Connor – Troy (Push remix) [Devolution]
Plastic Boy – Live Another Life [Inferno]
Push – The Legacy [Inferno]
Mauro Picotto – Back To Cali (Push remix) [BXR]
Matanka – Lost In A Dream (Push remix) [Nukleuz Green]
Solar Factor – No Return [Platipus Euro]
Push – Universal Nation 2002 [Bonzai]
Plastic Boy – Silver Bath [Bonzai]
Sunscreem Vs Push – Please Save Me (Push remix) [Five AM]
Push – Strange World (2000 remake) [Inferno]
The Gift – The Seventh Day [ID&T]

M.I.K.E. Tribute Mix

M.I.K.E. At Discogs

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