By Lazarus

If you want to hear me rambling on about stuff more generally, you can always try the Random Ramblings section. Alternately if you follow me on Twitter and you’ll soon get a feeling for how dull my everyday life really is 😉 In the meantime, this is either where I stand on the big issues, or it’s just something I say a lot:

Everyone on this planet should be allowed to do, say, feel, think, and believe whatever the hell they want to, on two conditions:

1) That they don’t hurt anyone else in the process of doing, saying, feeling, thinking and believing whatever the hell they want to.

2) That they don’t go around trying to make other people do, say, feel, think, or believe what they do.

I guess my preaching this for all to see kind of makes me a hypocrite when you consider condition 2. But I just thought it needed saying. 🙂

I have a saying about life in the public-eye, just in case the highly unlikely off-chance that I actually wind up being famous comes to pass – If you put yourself up on a pedestal, given enough time, only two things are guaranteed. Firstly, some people will worship you, and secondly, others will throw shit at you. If you can’t handle either then you shouldn’t be on the pedestal to begin with.

For me, the main difference between vinyl and CD mixing is that I think that mixing with vinyl feels like you’re operating machinery, whereas mixing with CDs feels like you’re fiddling with the stereo.

If you want my advice on DJ-ing, I think there are only two things you need to know. It’s the same advice I was given by the guy who taught me to mix all those years ago. 1. Know your tunes. 2. Practice.

The most important part of DJ-ing I think is tune-selection. By far. Beatmatching is barely 10% of it, so don’t ever think you’ve got it sussed just as soon as you’ve got that bit cracked. The first time I ever beatmatched a tune I had a room-full and was so busy applauding myself for the fact that I was taught rule number 1 above straight away in dramatic fashion. The tune slowed down on the outro, meaning the mix went out of time, and my first ever successful transition became a massive disaster just as soon as I’d started to believe my own hype.

Which leads me to the third and only thing I’d add to the lessons I received from my mentor Andy Woodward, all those years ago – 3. Never, under any circumstances, believe your own hype.

It would be fair to describe me as a trance DJ, but I look at it more as the only genre of music I ever play is the genre known as “music I like”, which doesn’t really have a catchy name. So trance will have to do 😉

If you want my advice on life you should be off figuring it out for yourself instead of asking me. All I can say really is this – “Be who you are.”

5 Responses to “Lazarus-isms”

  1. 1 agent57uk
    May 6, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    an idealist philosophy for sure!
    what about love? doesn’t that hurt sometimes?
    your second point would make the world mute sir ;->

  2. 2 Rich
    July 19, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Good point. But you can SHARE your thoughts, feelings and beliefs with others. But what about if someone you love is engaged in self-destructive behavior?

    And no, love doesn’t hurt, it’s the things at the end of love that hurt. Similar to falling from a great height, it’s not the fall that kills, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom. Thus, the term ‘falling in love’. I’m full of it. I’m a mechanic, not a philosopher.

  3. April 20, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    I agree 100% with you Laz! well said!

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