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Rise Above 082 (29th April 2011)

Rise Above 082 (29th April 2011)

Sunsvision – Rainy Moments (Aimoon remix) [Unearthed Subliminal]
Jaco – Excuses [Enhanced]
Whiteroom featuring Amy Cooper – Someday (remastered vocal mix) [Soundpiercing]
Sensi presents Raven van Dark – Dying Day (Sergey Shabanov Hopeful remix) [Defcon]
Dawn – Ursula [Blue Soho]
Steve Bengaln – Terminal (James Dymond remix) [Defcon]
Dash Berlin – Waiting (Darren Porter 2011 remix)
M.E.D.O. – Amazing (Dave Cold remix) [Pulsar]
Adam Navel – Spitfire [Ask 4]
Sergey Nevone – Nature [Defcon]

Rise Above 082 (320k)
Rise Above 082 (192k)


Discover Trance Podcast Episode 035 – Lazarus Guest Mix

Thanks to Discover Trance Radio for inviting me to do the guest mix on their excellent podcast 🙂

Discover Trance Podcast Episode 035 – Lazarus Guest Mix

DenSity FuZion – Water Drop (Darren Porter remix) [Defcon]
TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird [Defcon]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Ronny K. vs Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Desert Storm [Defcon]

Discover Trance Podcast Episode 035 – Lazarus Guest Mix


Defcontamination Episode 003 (24th April 2011)

Defcontamination Episode 003 (24th April 2011)

Hour 1 – Defcon Audio

Tucandeo featuring Jennifer Hershman – Only We Know [Infra-progressive]
Alphadelta – Sandcastle [Songbird]
Stonevalley – Alcatraz [Enhanced]
Ciro Visone & Rita Visone – The Last Breath [Defcon]
Falcon & Gaz Chen – Galactic Plane (Ion Blue remix) [Factual]
Ross Anderson – Redemption [Nu-Depth]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Simon Patterson vs Coldplay – Miss The Scientist (DJ Pitch vs XiJaro mashup)
Defcon Audio vs Jamie Walker – Defcontamination [Defcon]
Ronny K. presents Advanced – Nightlife In Tokyo [Defcon]

Hour 2 – N&R Project Guest mix

Eco – The Light In Your Eyes Went Out (Lemon and Einar K Remix) [ASOT]
Elias B – Ascension [Blue Soho]
Chapter XJ – Arise [Infrasonic Future]
Daniel Kandi and Phillip Alpha – If It Aint Broke [Enhanced]
Will Dukster – Shortlove (Adam Nickey Remix) [Infrasonic]
Photographer – Highway [Crystal Source]
First Source – Nevaeh (N&R Project Remix) [Defcon]
TBC and N&R Project – Flying Bird (Sergey Shabanov Remix) [Defcon]
Cagan Nazlioglu feat Hysteria – All Around You (Nuretin Colak Remix) [Music En Route]
First State vs. Simon Patterson – Bulldozer in Sierra Nevada (Katsarov mashup)

Defcontamination Episode 003 (320k)
Defcontamination Episode 003 (192k)

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Lokki’s 1st Anniversary Guest mix (22nd April 2011)

Lokki’s 1st Anniversary Guest mix (22nd April 2011)

Med & Phil Metcalfe – January (Alphadelta’s Balearic Breeze remix) [Defcon]
Jaden Merrick – Before Time [Defcon]
Sensi presents Raven van Dark – Dying Day (Sergey Shabanov Hopeful remix) [Defcon]
Space Garden – Sora (AJ Hutch remix) [Defcon]
Bonn Lewis & Phil Metcalfe present First Source – Nevaeh (N&R Project remix) [Defcon]
Christian Drost & DK Project – Always Connected (James Williams Emotional mix) [Defcon]
Simon O’Shine – Miss You [Defcon]
ID – ID [Defcon]
Jamie Walker – Break The Rules [Defcon]
Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (Ronny K. Emotion remix) [Defcon]

Lokki Guest Mix (320k)
Lokki Guest Mix (192k)


Rise Above 081 (22nd April 2011)

Rise Above 081 (22nd April 2011)

Sensi presents Raven van Dark – Dying Day (Darzh Liebek remix) [Defcon]
Trance Arts & Final Aeon – Sunstorm (Odonbat remix) [Unearthed]
Running Man – Music Matters [Perceptive]
Willem de Roo – Zero Hour [Infrasonic Future]
N&R Project – Night Shining (Sergey Shabanov remix) [Silent Shore]
August Vila – Midnight (Manuel Le Saux remix) [Neuroscience]
Tom Tommygoff – Futari (Sandeagle remix) [Echelon]
Dominik Duduk presents Astral Fortress – Skyline (TrancEye remix) [Diverted]
Andrew Candid – Stimulus [Unearthed]
Paul Webster vs John O’Callaghan – Big Time (Phil Metcalfe Mash-up)

RS Episode 081 (320k)
RS Episode 081 (192k)


Rise Above 080 (15th April 2011)

Rise Above 080 (15th April 2011)

Luke Terry featuring Helen Sylk – Cloudbreak (Yuri Kane remix) [Unearthed]
Estigma – Lorien (SylverMay remix) [OG]
Nathan Profitt – Recoil (progressive mix) [Prophetic]
Tucandeo featuring Jennifer Hershman – Only We Know [Infra-progressive]
ID – ID [Defcon]
SlavX – Moonlight Shadow [Crystal Source]
DJ Ange – Vakre [Feided]
Perfect Vision – Endless Dreams (Falcon remix) [Silent Shore]
Luca De Maas – Undefined Mysteries (DJ Gard remix) [Terminal 01]
Tuomas J – Life Goes On (Lazarus vs James Alexander remix) [Defcon]

Rise Above 080 (320k)
Rise Above 080 (192k)


Edge Of Darkness – The Rebirth Session Episode 199 (13th April 2011)

As you’ll probably be able to tell by the 147bpm this demo mix finishes on, I’ve been a little stressed of late 🙂

The Rebirth Session Episode 199 (13th April 2011) – “Edge Of Darkness”

Cymatics – Awake (chillout mix) [Crossair]
Mike Koglin – The Silence (PROFF & Alexey Sonar remix) [Noys]
N&R Project – Autumn Morning [Only One]
D-mad feat Emma Hewitt – Waiting in Solidarity (Ccelson Mashup)
Filip Konecny – On The Waves [Unearthed Subliminal]
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Another World (Shogun remix) [S107]
Dmitry Bessonov – Shift [Perceptive Deep]
A.r.d.i. featuring Irena Love – Memories [Silent Shore White]
Stonevalley – Alcatraz [Enhanced]
Sergey Shabanov – High [Trance All Stars]
Juventa – Bente [Enhanced]
Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Running Man 2011 Recover)
Ciro Visone & Rita Visone – The Last Breath [Defcon]
Evan London – Desire (Oen Bearen’s Immortal Tears remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Richard Sander presents Rising Sun – Across The Sea (Paul Todd remix) [Defcon]
Falcon & Gaz Chen – Galactic Plane (Ion Blue remix) [Factual]
A.r.d.i. – Landscape (Vol Deeman remix) [Harmonic Breeze]
Ion Blue – After All (Sandeagle remix) [Trance Allstars]
K-Narf & Manuel Le Saux – Immune (SlaviX remix) [Silent Shore]
Simon O’Shine – Anya (Jaden Merrick remix) [Defcon]
Ronny K. vs Bach – Air On The G String [Defcon]
TBC & N&R Project – Flying Bird (Function C presents Keelin Temple remix) [Defcon]
Dave Horne meets Econu – Occlusion (Jamie Walker Trance mix) [Nu-Depth]
Elite Electronic – The Sword (Photographer remix) [Elliptical]
Jamie Walker – Desert Storm [Defcon]
Enya vs Paul Webster & Sean Tyas – May it be the Time (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
DJ Gard – Under The Stars [Cloudless]
Baced! vs Ace’s Delight – Witness [Venom]

Lazarus – Edge Of Darkness (320k)

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